Making Headway

So far, being home is really awesome.  Despite the Hoover-dam-like constipation or the exploding volcanic diapers, the 3:00 am  “Mommy – I waked up!”, the NO NAPS FOR MOMMY war, the 3 foot garter snake in my garden (WHICH, by the way my husband Roy scooped up into a butterfly net and transferred to a pillow case like a pro on TV!!!), more dishes washed than I can count on a daily basis – I LOVE BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM!!! Yeah – it’s scary and we’re still in flux.  Schedules are adjusting, roles are adjusting, sleep schedules are adjusting – It’s a TOUGH JOB to be a full time mommy, and I’ve had days that I have NOT felt fit for the job…  Thank GOD for Mamaw who will take the girls for a few hours a day 3-4 days a week so we can all relax a bit and settle in.  Thank GOD Roy’s job is fairly close and we’ve been able to have lunch together and spend a day at the zoo and plan another day at Kingwood Center together. I certainly did NOT glamorize this “job” before I quit my  full time job – I expected the bumps and adjustments and struggles.  I have only ever RARELY wished I could run away to a full time job somewhere else, but then I regain my sanity and shake it off and thank GOD that I’m home. Tater is almost walking at not-quite-10-months – she pushes small furniture to get herself around.  She’s figured out how to stick 1 finger up her nose (this is handy for future blackmailing purposes); she wants to feed herself;  one of her first words (besides the obvious Mama & Dada) is her sister’s name; she has practically mastered the stairs (argh!!!); she has NO fear of animals and wants to kiss each one she sees – YOU know, the open mouth, tongue sticking out kinda kiss…  Yes, I now keep hand sanitizer and wound ointment in my purse at all times… Curly – oh my word – this girl is a CHARACTER.  She loves to dress up; put on mommy’s makeup (with or without permission); sing “The B-I-B-L-E” (“The B-I-B” is as far as she gets); get herself dressed “do it myseff”;  and she says the craziest things.  I keep hearing that she reminds others who know me well of myself – Yes, little Princess Queenbee is coming right along… “Curly – do you need to go potty?” “No thanks – I just fine.” At 10:00 am one morning last week, she sighs a big sigh and says, “ahhh – it’s long day – i miss Mamaw.”  Roy’s job is in flux, too.  He’s being offered 2 very tempting jobs and is trying to figure out which one to go with.  Each has some obvious pros & cons.  As long as he’s a) HAPPY and b) Home to us at a reasonable time each night – I will be happy with whichever he chooses. I have been busy going through some closets, drawers, etc.  Laundry is a fun project, but I’m getting a routine.  Who knew laundry required a routine???  It’s been nice being home and lounging in pajamas some days; and I’ve had those days where I just had to dress up and put makeup on and go out to talk to adults.  I much prefer my real job to any other paid job.  Don’t get me wrong – if I got paid for what I do, even Roy could quit his job – but we all know how it goes.  I think my heart is softening a bit (?) and finding satisfaction in actually taking care of my family, despite the much despised and often criticized role of servant-Mother.  Yeah – I’m struggling with it, but also learning to really enjoy being able to take care of my family in really simple ways.  I have a lot of work to do in this area of my attitude – just ask Roy.  But I’m making headway…

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