Memorial Day Weekend

We have had SUCH a pleasant weekend (for the most part) I really hate to see it coming to an end.  Other than a HORRIBLE sinus infection, which developed after the cold/flu thing the girls & I had, the weather was warmer and the sun was shining – and we got to work around in our yard this weekend!  It was absolutely lovely.

We spent a lot of time selecting new plants for our yard – I’ve now got 2 regular lilacs and 2 dwarf lilacs (yay!) to go along with my peonies – my favorite flowers – and I got my 3 tomato plants into my garden.  I’ve got 2 types of lettuce to plant, but still have one section of the garden to get ready.  I actually had some moments of “Argh!” while working the soil in my garden just thinking about the large (and probably pregnant) garter snake that was in it a couple of weeks ago – but I got over it.

I shopped for some natural remedies for my sinus infection – there are some really interesting things out there – and I even tried one of them.  The saline spray was just not cutting it.  Have you ever irrigated your sinuses?  I found this online and thought I’d give it a try.  It is a really odd sensation, and despite the grossness of the yuk that was flushed from my sinuses, I do think it helped me somewhat.  I was in so much pain on Saturday at one point, I could hardly move – but I also swabbed the inside of my nose with my melaleuca oil – which really seemed to improve my situation drastically.  Besides the aromatic effect, it dried up the yuk and I was much improved within 4 hours.  I’ve used it 3 times and am left with only minor symptoms.  Whew!  I haven’t had a sinus infection this bad since I was in high school – at least that I could remember.  It was nice to find something more natural to help remedy the situation instead of resorting to antibiotics.

Anyway – we visited a very nice nursery in Columbus yesterday and found some gorgeous moisture loving blue arctic willows to put into our swampy back yard – found a beautiful little japanese red maple (i don’t know the exact kind, but will try to post a pic) – and we all just had a really great TIME together.

As it has been for the past several nights, I’ve been wide awake since 3:30 am, so I thought I’d just share the happenings of our busy weekend and wishe you all a great Memorial Day Weekend, too.

As far as Memorial Day itself goes – I watched snippets of the Annual Memorial Day concert on TV last night – wow – there are some amazing stories of soldiers who served and lost their lives for our country.  War aside, the fact that our men & women commit themselves to serving at the risk of life and limb – seeing men & women in uniform and veterans singing their branch song – it always gets to me.  Besides Sara Brighton butchering a couple of songs (and DON’T get me wrong – normally, i love her voice) – it was a really great tribute to our veterans and soldiers and we should ALL be thankful for what we’ve got.  Imperfect as we are, our country is STILL the greatest!!!  And if you disagree with me, feel free to do so but don’t be offended by MY opinion: move to Canada.

Happy Memorial Day!

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