I’m a Winner!!!

Seriously!  I won a contest on another mommy blog (which is REALLY cute by the way!)  I won a teething bling keychain – which is great considering Tater likes to crawl around with something hanging from her mouth (like a puppy), which may include my heavily used set of keys!!!  She was in fact seen just this morning with them hanging from her drooly lips, upon which they were immediately removed to an undisclosed location!!!

It should be made known that Tater now has 4 teeth.  2 top.  2 bottom.  She has weapons.  She keeps testing them very lightly on my thighs for some reason.  Bite marks will likely be an upcoming feature of thequeenmommy blog…

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2 Responses to “I’m a Winner!!!”

  1. Dawn Mackesy Says:

    You ARE a winner!!! Love it! I love to win things…hasn’t happened in quite some time, now. How’ve ya been!?!?!?!?!

  2. pauline Says:

    hey therecoming over from berriesweetpicks.blogspot.com to let you know that I am an idiot. Well, maybe not an idiot but at least very messy.
    My house is a nightmare due to so many family obligations and I can’t find your prize! I have it here and will mail it out to you as soon as I find it!
    Please don’t hate me!
    PS-how old is Tater? buttercup is just under a year now and has 16 teeth! ( I think…I stopped counting the last time I got bit. LOL).
    So do you hate me?

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