Do you ever feel like getting your hair cut is kinda like the impetus for life change? I have felt that before – not every time – but there have been those times that getting my hair cut was something like cutting off the old and expecting new growth in my life, not just on my head. (overanalyzing?)

So, I got my hair chopped yesterday. I wanted something drastic & dramatic – and that’s what I got. I’m actually thinking about getting just a bit more cut off to be honest. I was growing it out – took too much time to style when I did it, and when I didn’t it was a headband or ponytail (or both) and just gross in the heat. So it’s cut now. Modern. Easy. Sassy! It’s also colored. Wow – is it colored. Deep red – like mahogany. The thing about red color is that it fades faster, so stronger at first is good. I love it. Roy loves it. Curly & Tater love it. The gals in the salon said it was “Sassy” and I thought – yep, that’s what I want.

I’m sassy. kinda always have been – explains a lot of my daughters’ attitudes, too. Sassy is good. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my high school graduation! I was thinking about it throughout the day. My best friend from high school, Catfish, was with me on the momentous occasion. one of my all time favorite pictures of us is just outside the auditorium in our caps & gowns – hugging, smiling, laughing. Sassy.

I would say that many of my really good friends are Sassy, too. Some more than others – but the ones who are still around tend to be SASSY. I like that. I think it’s a good life theme. To me, it means a combination of several characteristics: funny, sarcastic, spunky, full of life. I see it in my friends. I see it in my girls. And I see it again in myself as I look in the mirror.

Maybe I didn’t need a haircut to know it – maybe I just needed to be reminded that Sassy is there…

2 Responses to “Sassy!”

  1. Dawn Says:

    You ARE sassy girlfriend! That’s what I love about you. 🙂 Us sassy girls gotta stick together!

    Hey, you are in Iowa, aren’t you?!?! How’s your house??? I might just call you today and see how you are.

    Miss you Miss Sassy! Post a photo of that new do!!!

  2. NanaBaker Says:

    Hey Sassy Girl – I’ve been looking all over here, for that picture of you and your new ‘do’ that you were hoping to post….do we still have to wait? I REALLT wanna see a picture of my deep redheaded daughter! =D

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