Calling All Moms…

So, we should get a day off every week.  It’s a new concept, I know, but honestly – being on call 24/7 – plumber, carpenter, doctor, mediator, cleaning woman, director, coordinator, financial consultant, chef, business manager, vice president – seriously – who can manage this 24/7?

Who can manage the no-spill cup of cranberry orange juice that gets dumped on Tater’s head by big sister who laughs the whole time?  Or the potty-training that seems endless and moves one step forward, two steps back on a moment by moment basis?  Or the not-quite-3-year-old big sister who tries to make a formula bottle for her baby sister all by herself – because she’s so freakishly tall she can reach most anything on the few counters we do have?

Or the trash that doesn’t take itself out?  The cat litter box that won’t empty itself, either?  (What is UP with that?)  There is a sense of endlessness – a sense of futility at some moments about cleaning, organizing, managing – that really requires a day off to recuperate from.

So, let’s all take one day – lets pick a day.  Mother’s Day is over so that won’t work.  Let’s just go on a MOMMY Strike for one day.  Think we can do it?  Without feeling guilty?  Without worrying whether our children will starve, or our babies diapers will be changed, or that there won’t be a bigger mess to clean up AFTER our day off than we had to start with.

Maybe a day off is NOT such a good idea…

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  1. Dawn Says:

    no no. It IS a good idea! So what if there’s a mess to clean up when we get back…most of it was there when we left anyway…right?!?! 😉 Let’s go out for coffee. 🙂

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