The Princesses

So instead of Wordless Wednesday – the creative and fun posts on other blogs I’ve seen, I’ve decided that mine will be WHINY Wednesdays.  So there.

Anyway – Little Miss Princess Tater seems to be coming into her own lately.  The eruption of the 4th tooth, and imminent appearance of tooth #5 seems to have opened up a Pandora’s box (good) of qualities, characterisitics and quirks in our baby girl.  It has been fun to watch (AND I have actually been able to watch) and she is becoming a great little person.

She is starting to stand all by herself.  She doesn’t just walk along the couch and let go.  Nope – instead, she goes from sitting to a wobbly-then-balanced stand right in the middle of the floor.  Usually on a pile of things (blankets, toys, books).  And she just stands there with her arms sticking out moving around for balance.  She’s even started clapping WHILE she stands, which is fun, because that’s normally the reaction she gets from us – the clapping thing.  She’s jabbering much more.  She was a child who had very little to say about anything, and now she’s responding to most of our requests – whether they concern her or not – with at least a grunt, or groan, or “ye” with a head nod.

Big Princess Curly – well, she’s coming into her own in a different way.  We’ve been having all sorts of “incidents” with her lately.  Terrible Two’s, Search for Independence, whatever you might call it – they’ve all NOT been fun.  She’s become an artist with all sorts of mediums (and not exclusively poop), and our couch has been covered with a myriad of substances of late.  I’m hoping it is just a foreshadowing of the incredible talent she possesses, but until then, there really aren’t enough paper towels in the world when I need them.  She’s not all bad.  She’s just very trying and challenging right now.

We’re working on establishing schedules this week – and so far, it seems to be helping somewhat.  They get their daily dose of Mamaw & Papaw which helps everybody – and Mamaw is Mrs. Sandman and can get both girls to sleep within 5 minutes of their arrival if she tries… Or even if she doesn’t.  Otherwise we resort to driving around (yes, with gas at $3.98/gallon) running errands (2 birds with 1 stone) and pray that they fall asleep.  And then stay asleep as I transfer them into the house.

We’ve enjoyed watching Meet the Robinson’s this week – and Pooh’s Heffalump movie is running a close second.  I can only take so much Heffalump, though.

The coffee is on this morning – a little too strong – but I need it.  Intravenous. Stat.

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