Eyes open…

As I begin to type this, it is with one eye half open – coffee is just starting to seep through my senses and the initial sip, which always gets at least one eye half open, is working.

Feeling sluggish this week.  Wish I could be a slug today – I don’t imagine they do much and I don’t see them around here often.  Sounds like a nice thing for today.

Miss Tater bug is growing like a week.  Last week, it’s like her personality just blossomed right out of her little body!  She’s said 4 new words in the past week and decided that she’s doing to do some ASL (American Sign Language) with us. Finally.  Roy was concerned that she might be brain damaged from all the hard knocks she’s experienced, but no – she’s just slow about things.  Which is fine.  It’s just her way.  I don’t think she’s inherited the Procrastination gene from either of her parents, but she just takes her time doing things.  She’s a watcher.  She’s an entertainer.  She’s got this cute crinkly-nosed, 4-tooth smile she likes to give to get us to laugh.

Miss Curly is at least half as tall as I am.  Which is not too difficult, I guess, but still, she’s not even 3 yet!  At least I’ll have 3 tall people who can help me reach things on my high shelves, right?  Curly is always surprising us with her grasp of vocabulary and expression.  Sometimes in a shocking way, and always in a how-in-the-world? way.  She’s really attaching herself to mommy & daddy and prefers weekends when we’re all home together.   We prefer that too.

I’m trying to establish a schedule – not one of my strong points – and so we’re adjusting better, I think.  It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort, and a lot of different attempts.  But we’re getting there!  Coffee is helpful.  And now that both eyes are open, I see Tater has something in her mouth, so I gotta go…

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  1. Polina Says:

    Witness how your children are growing is a treasure – every smile, every tooth, every word:) Even being slow is OK:) My little one had been slow as a snail, and then something happened and she became unstoppable. I just can’t follow her moving and doing million of different things (sometimes even nasty ones)… I’ve been silly enough not to make photos and notes of just everything new happening – and as a result my memory plays jokes with me…

  2. Dawn Says:

    I just had to share a cute little note that Bella’s teacher wrote me today…”I asked Bella her phone number for her ASQ.” Her response, “Oh, I don’t know. My mom does that ‘cuz she’s my mom and (sigh) she’s the boss.”

    They really just have to know who’s in charge, right?!?!?! hahahahaha

    Miss you, girly! Dawn

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