I Give Up!

I am giving up.

I’m giving up on sanity. organization. calm.  I live – apparently thrive – in the midst of crisis. chaos. ridiculousness.   Why fight it anymore?

It is my calling to be one of those moms whose house is NEVER, EVER clean.  And by clean, I mean clean.  Whose house is NEVER ready for unexpected company.  Whose kids are always running around at the last second looking for “that” doll they have to have.  Or that sparkly pink sandal that was RIGHT THERE 2 seconds ago! Whose kids get buckled into the carseat only to announce that they have to poop! Right NO-OW, mommy!

THIS is motherhood, my friends.  it is not the calmly rocking my quiet infant in a lacy, white gown in the perfect nursery while harps play in the background.  it is dodging the quickly launched bottle, scooping up the cup full of prune juice before it hits the floor, leaving the bathroom after taking care of MY business to discover a container of snacks emptied on the living room floor or popsicles melted into baby sister’s hair…

this is for hard hats. battle helmets with the initials “M.O.M.” painted on them. screwdrivers & hammers, bandaids and blankets.  it is for gulping lukewarm swigs of coffee JUST to get enough juice to stay in the middle of it, thanking GOD for the discovery of the wonders hidden in the little coffee bean.

For anyone with the soft-focused, rosy shaded hues painting your dreams of motherhood – i salute you.  and when you join the ranks of the rest of us, you’ll laugh nonchalantly at the notion of sanity. PAH! Who needs it?

Gimme a latte and I’ll go find my happy place…

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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    Ah my darling! I think you are very wise to give up – while yes, it’s good to have goals, it’s not good to feel like you are defeated all the time, so maybe if you relax a bit more, you’ll be able to enjoy your messy house a little more too…maybe?

    You haven’t lost your sense of humor though, and I sure do get a kick out of your comments and thinking.

    One day – when you have a bigger home, I think you’ll find that makes a big difference, and as your girls grow up, that will add to the ease of your life, but then you’ll have all those wonderful and awesome memories to hang onto, and wonder…HOW DID THEY GROW UP SO FAST?

    You are a wonderful mom – And while we shouldn’t give up on our domestic dreams totally, your day will come. For now – just take one day at a time, and enjoy all the ground coffee beans you can find! XO

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