WAHU Wednesday

So, i don’t have any whining to do today!  yes, it’s a record – hold your applause!

Seriously, though, I DO have to talk about my Work at Home United business…  I’ve had a learning curve with it – I’m not a business-woman per se, but the more involved I’ve gotten, and the more committed I’ve become – the more I have grown to love what I do.  WHEN I can do it, that is. =) 

The great thing is – I don’t sell a darn thing.  I’m like LeBron James or Tiger Woods for Nike.  I get to advertise for a company, and earn commissions from sales.  I get to be a customer saving 30-40% on some A-MA-ZING products that work SO WELL and are naturally derived and safer for my family because they don’t contain registered pesticides, carcinogens, or hormone disruptors (ever checked your product labels???) or any other ingredients that harm the environment.

So let’s see – I don’t sell anything, I get to shop online for discounts buying products I use everyday, and these products are safer and won’t hurt the environment.  My only “job” is to tell other people about them – people I care about and even people I don’t know.  Yeah – so I basically get paid to talk and shop.  Seriously, who needs a day job!!!

WAHU is right!!!

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