The New-er Do

So I had to make a change to my new do. It was too long. Seriously. After 10 days, I was still wearing headbands to keep my hair out of my face and in the heat it was still too much hair. So it’s been updated and vamped up a bit. Maybe it doesn’t look different in these pics, but it sure as heck FEELS different.  The less time required to get myself in decent shape in the mornings – the better!

Um, so tell me the truth Moms out there – do you EVER get to relax? I don’t just mean have nice, quiet times with your family, or enjoy a bubble bath & do-it-yourself-spa treatment. I mean – do you ever feel calm at any point other than when your family has gone to bed? I feel CONSTANTLY “on call” – even when Roy or anyone else is helping. I feel like I’m constantly holding my breath waiting for the next disaster, chasing chores just to be sure I have ONE clean bottle or sippy cup, or always running a few steps behind which means I MISS routing Curly to the bathroom before she pees on the floor…

Any advice on how to find some serenity and calm and peace, without completely avoiding my family or fashioning some sort of restraint for my girls (which would certainly be reported as child abuse even if it was covered in princess sparklies & feathers…) Is it JUST always going to be hard? Cuz if that’s the case, then I’m going to start therapy now…

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