Red Licorice

So I’m a huge fan of Twizzlers.

I will admit that I can (and have) eat a whole package all by myself. No, not the 99 cent package – the value package…

So Curly has been having some bouts with constipation, and Mamaw brought some sugar free Twizzlers over to help move things along. Pretty tasty. Curly had her share (more than her share, actually) in an effort to produce some drastic results which are desperately needed.

So at bedtime, she wanted to be rocked, and as I was rocking her, she started making this funny noise. She wasn’t choking or anything, but when I looked at her face, I asked her, “Curly, are you going to throw up?” She said “no.”

And then, I was soaked as she proceeded to vomit everything up. Most of which was tiny bits of red licorice. Not good for the furniture or the carpet.

Roy, who has THE worst gag reflex ever, got upstairs and threw several towels at us, at which point I asked him to call his mom to come over to help, cuz I knew it was gonna be nasty. Rinsing both of us off, my bra having netted a large volume of licorice, I got Curly’s bath water running. I had mostly rinsed, and gotten changed when Mamaw showed up. Mamaw encouraged her to go potty – which by then she absolutely refused to do, and helped give her a bath, while I attempted to clean up the living room.

In the mean time, Tater Bug (Georgie) who had been sleeping in her swing, was now wide awake trying to figure out what the heck was going on. After cleaning up what I could, I got Curly out of the tub, dried, dressed and Mamaw set to rocking her. Of course Tater (Georgie) needed to be rocked again, too, so she had both girls in the rocker, and I decided to shower and get fully cleaned myself. Wow – that felt MUCH better.

As I was coming back into the living room, Mamaw announced the Tater (aka Georgie) smelled REALLY poopy – and as I picked her up, I got a nasty whiff… Tater had eaten some red licorice, too, but it had a more positive effect on HER than it had on Curly. I got Tater’s pj bottoms off, and realized what Curly had vomited now filled Tater’s diaper, and had run down her leg. So, off Tater went for a bath.

By the time she was bathed, dried & dressed, Curly was asleep. I got her into her bed, and Mamaw left telling me to call if we needed her again. Thank GOD for grandmas who live close by. Roy finally went to bed, Tater was rocked to sleep, and I just prayed that we could all REST.

After both girls slept nearly 10 hours, we still have very little “movement” where Curly is concerned, and a few more yukky diapers (but not AS yukky) where Tater is concerned. I still have a couple of red spots to tackle in the carpet to finish cleaning up. That’s not something I look forward to, but it’ll get done.

As far as red licorice is concerned, we’ll have to avoid it for a little while… bummer.

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