Happy Birthday Tater Bug!

Today is my baby’s FIRST birthday!!!  I really can’t believe it has been a whole year since she came into our lives.  This baby girl has already taken a LOT of hard knocks – I’ve lost count of how many times she’s been dropped on her head (I WISH I were joking).

All in all, she seems to take life in stride.  Wish I knew where she inherited THAT from.

Tater has grown 4 new teeth and taken her first wobbly steps – all in the past two weeks.  She is saying & signing more words and pointing at things she wants.  She is very entertaining and smiles more than anything.  This is surprising, since she was a real crier when we first brought her home.  Okay, for the first six months of her life.  And out of that comes this sunny, crinkled-nose, 8 tooth smile that just KILLS me when I see it.  Her dark thick hair fell out after several months, and she now has this beautiful brownish-reddish hair that changes in the sunlight and according to what she wears.  Her little pierced ears assure everyone she’s a girl – even though her right ear was done crookedly and the back clasp can always be seen.  Somehow that fits her. She is becoming a Daddy’s girl and gets all excited when he gets home – she’ll either race-crawl to the door to greet him, or sit and do a little bopping-booty dance.

She can identify her nose, her mouth, her eyes, her hair, and her ears.  She’ll show you one finger when you ask her if she’s “one”.  She blows kisses and gives slobbery wet kisses quite liberally.  She’s a sweet little cuddle bug.  And when I put her into her crib, and she rolls up into her sleeping position, she really does look like a little potato bug.

The year went quickly – and I just hope that in the next year as she grows, I can learn to relax and let go more and watch her and encourage her – both her and Curly – and be a really great mom to them!  They sure deserve it!

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