I am a big fan of Facing The Giants. and so is Roy. We have watched the movie several times and it always really touches our hearts. A great, heartwarming story!

Well, the makers of FTG have a new movie coming out at the end of September. It’s called FIREPROOF. Kirk Cameron is in the starring role. YAY! He was a heartthrob when I was a teenager, so there is some nostalgia where he is concerned. lol. And then he starred in Left Behind, which is another great movie.

The trailer made me cry when I watched it! The website has a lot of great behind the scenes info, free downloads, etc.  I’ve already emailed the website to two pastors in my area, and hopefully we will get a movie viewing locally!  Either way, it looks to be a QUALITY FAMILY movie!!!

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  1. Sandra I. Says:

    The bible commands Christians to abstain from every appearance of evil. Acting as though one is married to someone else other than one’s own wife is temping questionable imaginations. The sanctity of marriage is more than the bed and a kiss. Even though Kirk Cameron doesn’t kiss someone who is not his wife, the sanctity of marriage is not respected in the emotions that need to be conjured up in order to “act” the role of loving someone else with such a holy love that is to be directed only toward his own wife. Acting romantic to someone who is not your wife is just the same as kissing someone who is not your wife. The following question should be asked before certain emotions and actions are portrayed on the screen: Would my wife/husband appreciate me acting this way toward anyone else throughout our everyday lives? If the answer is “no”, then it should not be pretended on screen either for it violates the emotional sanctity of the husband/wife relationship which God has deemed to be holy, which means “set apart”.
    Do Christians desire the sensationalism and thrill of entertainment so much that they have become desensitized to discerning purity and immorality, and no longer have an outweighing desire to be holy/set apart from the world? The biblical mandate is not “fit in as much as you can without violating your own conscience”. It is to “Be holy, as your father in heaven is holy”. In addition most people who see the film will probably not know that it is his real wife that he has kissed in the “stunt-double” scene. This gives the appearance that Cameron is no different than the rest of the worldly actors. I know his motivations are “good”, but this is not a step in the right direction for Christians. It presents them as jumping on the band-wagon of worldly entertainment. I think we get so caught up in trying to find a movie that is “good” that we just accept the closest thing to it. This is not God’s standard. His ways are higher than ours.

  2. TheQueenMommy Says:

    Sandra, I appreciate your comment. However, I respectuflly disagree with the suggestion that the portrayal of marriage by two unmarried people on screen in this instance (and many others) is “tempting questionable imaginations.” Frankly, this is not a typical hollywood production.

    As I have seen the work of the writers, directors, and actors previously, and fully believe in the commitment they have to portraying “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report” (Philippians 4:8, I believe that the goal here is to reach those who are NOT believers, and probably encourage those who are. Honestly, I don’t believe anyone who is lost will view this movie and wonder whether or not Cameron is kissing his wife in the “stunt double” scene – they will just take the movie at face value and we can pray that they HEAR the message of Christ, as are the writers, producers, and actors’ intentions.

    Until this movie is available for full viewing, anyone can let their imaginations run wild if they want to about the kind of images and situations that will be portrayed on the film. Whether or not anyone chooses to watch movies of any kind is an individual decision. If my watching this film leads anyone to think that I am not a believer, I hope they approach me so we can discuss it.

    The Queen Mommy

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