Wednesday WAHU!

So how do you feel with all the news reports of the dangers right in front of our children every day?  It’s bad enough that there are obvious dangers that we want to protect them from, but more and more we hear a news report about a hidden or unexpected danger from which we need to shield them!

Lead in toys.  Chemicals in baby shampoos, powders, etc.  Toxins in our home.  And their little bodies are more susceptible to the negative effects of these dangers because of their size, proximity to these items and metabolic & growth rates.

Don’t we have ENOUGH to worry about?

People are hopping onto the “Green” bandwagon these days for a wide variety of reasons!  And although I probably won’t go so far as to stand in front of a crane or chainsaw to protect a tree, I am finding ways in which to make changes in our home environment and habits.  Some habits are hard to change, and others are very simple.  I am learning and still new to the idea of being more environmentally responsible.  But ya know what, it was God’s idea in the first place:  HE’S the one who instructed Adam & Eve, among other things, to replenish the earth!  So here are some ideas about how to go about doing thatl.

Recycle.  Seriously, how hard is that?  First of all, it actually reduces the amount of waste going to the landfills and the amount for which we pay for trash removal every month.  Secondly, it requires only a small amount of effort – separate containers used for glass, aluminum, plastic, paper.  Go to your local discount store and buy several trash cans or bins for this purpose – recycle the trash bags you use either by reusing them or adding them to your next plastic recycling load.  Purchase products in recycled packaging.

Reduce.  Actually reduce the amount of waste you produce.  Pay bills online and request online billing only to reduce mail waste.  Use fabric bags when shopping and bypass the plastic or paper bags.   Purchase products that are concentrated and/or that can be returned, recycled or reused.  Use safer products in your home and reduce the amount of toxins, chemical residue, and waste – contact me for more info about these products.

Reuse.  Buy in bulk (hello – saving money & not running out of something you need – fantastic!)  Reduce the amount of disposables you use (and I’ll admit, I use disposable diapers, but look for many other ways to reduce our waste) including razors, cloth towels & napkins, rechargeable batters (a great idea!), etc.  If you have a garden, think about using a rainwater collection system and a compost bin – these are 2 changes we will be making in the near future!  Shop garage sales & thrift stores for things you want or need.  Checkout Freecycle, too.  Roy just mentioned this to me last night – it’s a Yahoo! groups and a place to find or donate good, used items locally.

If everyone made these small changes – just the few mentioned here – can you imagine the impact it would have on the world around us?

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