I Win Again!!!

So I won a contest earlier this year and got a really cool mommybling keychain teether.  Kaity really loves it – it’s a heart shaped teether in a sort of girly-camouflage if you can imagine that.

So today, my cell phone goes off and I see that I have a voicemail.  It was from Chelsea somebody telling me that I am the winner of tickets to a concert.  I busted out BAWLING!!!


IF you know me at all, you can ONLY imagine WHY I started bawling as I heard the message on my cell phone (and bawled again the second time I heard the message)!!!

I still don’t even have all of the details, but I get to go to my first Celine Dion concert and am literally beside myself.  If I could, I’d take me so we could remember every single second!!!  It’s part of her Taking Chances Tour.  From the very first time I saw her “Where Does My Heart Beat Now?” video on MTV, I have LOVED Celine Dion.  People either love her or can’t stand her – I LOVE her music!  Hence, the crying…

I will post more details after I get the info (and become lucid enough to pay attention to the details).


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