Good Morning, Curly!

Roy has been getting up between 5:00-5:30 a.m. most mornings for the past month and riding his bike for about a half hour.  He’ll do this for about 4 days, take a day off, and start again.  I’m really proud of him – he’s seen some interesting things – including a skunk that ran alongside him for a little while.  THAT could have been VERY interesting!

So this morning, he gets up after we got to snuggle for several minutes (which is one benefit of setting the alarm early…)  I hear him come downstairs and then I hear him say, “What are YOU doing downstairs?”  I had gotten up about an hour earlier to visit the restroom and saw that the living room lights were on, but assumed Roy had left them on last night.

Nope.  It was Curly.

Then I hear them climbing the stairs and she jumps into bed with me.  This is a summary of our conversation as best I can remember it (and in order to enjoy it best, take a couple of shots of espresso and speed read through it – she was just chattering away rapid fire here!)

Hi Mommy!

The sun come up, the moon go down. (yes, Curly, the sun is coming up and the moon is going down).

I waked up!

I love you mommy (with her arms thrown around my neck).

(with her hand on my cheek) You my best mommy.

I a big girl! (you ARE a big girl and your birthday is in 2 days!)

I need milk.

I want to watch TV.  I want to watch Jojo.

I ride my bike, too!

Realizing that I was NOT going to go back to sleep as I’d originally hoped, we got up and came downstairs so I could write it all down before I forgot everything.  It was a barrage of conversation between a very bright little girl and her two groggy parents.

Time to make the coffee…

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