The Ballerina princess

So yes, we all know Curly is a princess.  Were you also aware she is a ballerina princess??  Well, I am here to tell you she is.

I’m on the computer downstairs (since my wireless is not reliable today) and I hear this clomping around upstairs – and then down the stairs.  It’s Curly.  In her nightgown.  And her cloggy shiny pink metal shoes.
And her hula hoop. Which she slept with.

She groggily asks where Daddy is and then waits for me to finish and come upstairs.  So I do.  Where she rediscovers the new sparkly-pink-ballerina-leotard-with-full-ruffly-sparkly-pink-tutu!

MOMMY! CAN I WEAR THIS???  Sure, why not?

So, decked out in her tutu, her sparkly pink shoes (the others didn’t match apparently), her hula hoop AND her metallic silver purse – she is rarin’ to go today…  I’m taking pictures of course.

Meanwhile, I’m reminiscing about my DREAM HOUSE.  Roy & I were cruising around checking out Open Houses yesterday, and at the very end, we stumbled upon the house at the very end of the Open House. I now know this as THE DREAM HOUSE.  I can’t even put into words, but I’ll try…

It wasn’t just that the house was beautiful.  It is.  It wasn’t just that the house was really well-maintained and about 600 square feet bigger than ours.  It is.  It was the warm, fuzzy feeling I got while walking through someone else’s house.  It felt like walking into a Bed & Breakfast.  There were more nooks & crannies in that house than I could probably use (but it would be fun to try!).  The kitchen was irregular, but fully applianced – lots of counter space – and really pretty – with a little nook and half-bath off the side.  The living room was large and lovely – with a gas fireplace.  The dining room had built ins and an old phone shelf (you know, where the old rotary would sit and a small shelf underneath for pens & paper).  The family room was paneled in a beadboard paneling – a warm, honey color.  Lots of built ins.  It led to a private terrace outback surrounded by these lacey fern-like pines that let the sunlight come through all dappled and peaceful, and a nice sized yard to the side of the house.  The basement was finished – a huge family room (3 living areas!!!), a full separate laundry room and more storage than we could use (but again, I’d like to try).  Heading upstairs to the bedrooms, we looked in the smallest room first – really cozy but not too small.  When I walked into the second room – a girl’s room – I had this vision of Curly growing up there and almost started crying.  I could see her stuff in there and imagined her laying on her bed talking on the phone, listening to music.  The next room was a really sunny pink – Tater’s room, of course.  And the bathroom – it’s already blue & white like ours!  And the master suite – sigh.  I wanted to climb onto the bed for a nap.  But I didn’t.  And there were 4 closets and a full master bath.  This house had everything I ever wanted in a house – ever imagined in a house – and it even has that B&B feel.

We wandered through for about a half hour – and I didn’t want to leave.  It was exactly the kind of place I want to raise our family.  I could see our girls racing to the kitchen for a bite to eat on their way out to some activity.  It was OUR HOUSE!!!

Um, and then, I got back to reality.  There is, of course, the issue of selling The Money Pit.  It’s not a terrible house exactly – just needs more work than Roy & I can manage (or want to invest in). sigh.

So I’m just praying.  Praying that we can find a house when the time comes that makes me feel the way that one did.  That I can be content with what I have and enjoy raising my girls here.  That we will take care of & appreciate what we’ve been given.  It’s my first house with my husband – We’ve brought both of our girls home to this house – and it’s not all bad…

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