A Big Week for our Big Girl

Yep – Curly went to school this week.  She kept calling it “high school” and I kept trying to correct her – but nonetheless, she was VERY excited to get her bookbag together, strap it on her back and head off into the wild blue.

In reality – it’s only a Mommy’s Day Out program – 2 mornings a week – at a Christian school.  Each week the children will learn a new letter of the alphabet and a new bible verse.  She had a bookbag full of supplies to take & leave in her classroom, and now it’s just a folder that we’ll pass back & forth between her teacher & us with notes, projects, etc.  Her class is only 8 in total (small for this program) and afterwards we asked her if she made any friends.  “Yes!  Mrs. Lilly”  her teacher.  Reminds me of myself…

Here is the pictorial of the morning’s events:


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  1. NanaBaker Says:

    Oh my goodness – my heart jumped to see how grown up she looks…and taking off and walking so far ahead of you??? Wassup with this baby girl?? =) No doubt, she is going to learn much, and ‘entertain’ often. And I am SO sure that her teacher already adores her! Oh how fast they grow! Enjoy those mornings getting caught up on your homework.
    The pictures are WAY cool Mommy – thanks! XO

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