What is UP with Tater???

Remember my posts from about a year ago regarding SLEEP DEPRIVATION???  Ugh – we’re at it again.

Tater’s sleep cycle has been seriously disrupted – she’s going to bed at 9:00 pm and waking up at 4:00 AM – regularly.  She’ll snooze til 5 or 6, but only if I hold her, and only if she moves around every 5-7 minutes, so I am not sleeping. ARGH!!!  I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital – no, wait.  I feel more like when I had to go back to work after I had her.   She’s cranky, of course, but then so am I.  I feel as sleep deprived as I did when I was working outside our home.  She’s taking different naps than Curly now so there is no chance for me to nap.  The only time Roy & I get together is after they’ve gone to bed, but that’s my perfect window of opportunity to go to sleep and get ENOUGH sleep every night.  HELP!

On the other hand, Tater is potty training.  14 months old this week, and she’s started saying “Pot!” and grabbing at her diaper (NO, I am not like the mom on “Weeds”) or knocking on the bathroom door and hollering – she’s peeing some, and yesterday she POOPED after telling us she had to go!!!

So is it a balance?  Sure, I’d love for quick potty training, but I’m starting to get delirious about a lot of things, and it would be okay with me if she didn’t potty train for a couple more months if it meant I could get more sleep.  I HATE being delirious…

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