The Big Day

Until this morning, I have been somewhat oblivious to the date, but waking up this morning – it hit me and now my nerves are all jumbly-bumbly today.  I am SOO excited to FINALLY get to see Celine Dion in concert.  Seriously.  I know she’s an artist that you either love or despise – and I’ve always always always been of the “love” variety with her.   Watching the specials on TV, the bios, etc.  Getting every CD I could get my hands on and singing in the car at the top of my lungs – reading the lyrics on the CD covers until I had them memorized – yep, a rabid fan.

So tonight Roy & I get to go to a concert free.  He is not so thrilled, but is coming with me because he loves me and because he is happy for me.  Honestly, he’s the only one I really want to go with because so many of Celine’s songs are “markers” in my life in general, and in my relationship with Roy.

It all started with watching the video of Celine singing “Where does my heart beat now?”  And then it was I Drove All Night because that was the song I was singing out loud when I drove, well, all night from Springfield, MO to Roy’s house a couple of days before we got married.  So yeah, as corny as it might be, there are songs that she sings that MEAN something to me on very personal – and sometimes literal levels.

And although I know it turns some people off, I LOVE her showmanship.  She is one of those artists that puts on a SHOW and she’s way out there – but I think that’s why I like her so much.  She’s entertaining and she’s intense and she’s passionate about her music.

And the girl can WAIL!!!  Seriously – maybe you don’t like her – but she can belt it out without breaking a sweat.

So Roy & I are off tonight for a date, of sorts, and I really really appreciate him going with me since it’s not his favorite thing in the world.  But he’s going cuz he loves me…

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