Oh. My. Word.

Ms. Dion is one of the BEST entertainers ever.  The concert last night was SO great!!!  Even Roy said “It wasn’t that bad!” which is a compliment from him.

I cannot even put into words how much I enjoyed the Celine Dion concert last night – and I wanted to do it all over again when it was over.  That woman has more energy than 10 people I know combined – and she puts on a really great show!  I have always loved her intensity and passion – and she’s always been “Vegas-y” – now that she’s been in Vegas for a few years, she’s even more fun.  She is just WHO she is and I have always loved that about her.  She was personable and personal and of course her voice is just so dynamic.

When she sang the prayer (in duet with Andrae Bocelli via a screen recording) I B-A-W-L-E-D!!!  That is such a beautiful song and so lovely and touching – and I just could not stop crying.  It really blew me away.  So now I have to dig out all of her CDs (I haven’t been listening to much music) and get them onto my laptop so I can sing (or whatever) along with her…

SO awesome.  SO fantastic – and it would have been worth every penny to go if I hadn’t won the tickets in a contest.

Roy – you are so awesome to go with me and to be there for me.  Her songs have chronicled our relationship for me, and having you at her concert with me was really sweet and wonderful and made it even better for me.  Cuz I’m Your Lady…

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