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So I’ve been doing a lot of web browsing over the past few weeks and have found some really cool websites for busy wives & moms, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc.  Rather than just sticking them into the sidebar only, I wanted to draw some attention to them here.

The Busy Woman website is FUN!  First of all, I LOVE daily planners, so this site hit the spot with me.  Secondly, I love personality quizzes, and there’s one to take to help determine which kind of products are right for you.  Thirdly – not only does the site offer planners & planner pages – it sells PURSES, too! BINGO!!!  I read a review of a product ordered from this site online here.  It appears that many of the planner pages are on clearance right now, too!  If you are a busy wife or mom – check it out!!!

Have you ever visited at Christianity Today?  What a great archive of articles, book recommendations, links to MOPS, and all kinds of other great references.  When you have time – between potty training, washing marker off walls (or faces), chauffering and ballgames, dishes & laundry – this is a great “breather” website!

Another good mom site is Between Moms.  I found this while looking for more WAHM resources, but it isnt JUST for Work At Home Moms.  On the right hand side is a set of links for specific topics.  Or you can scroll down the page past all of the jobs, opportunities, etc., to find more links to articles and websites for mom-parenting resources.  I’ve had some fun at this site.  I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the How to talk on the phone with a preschooler article.  I have only tried one of the suggestions, and since I’ve got 2 little ones, it wasn’t the greatest success, but I got a charge out of this really practical article – whether I’m trying to work or even just talk to my mom for 2 minutes!

Another site I’m checking out is  This is a writing forum hiring freelance writers.  I’ve heard often enough that people enjoy my writing and I should write more – and I just told my friend Becky the other day if I could write and get paid for it, I’d love it.  So, tentatively, i’m checking it out.  When it comes down to it – if I write for the heck of it, I love it – it flows – it’s fun.  When I write under pressure (i.e. school projects), I’m still finding that I enjoy it.  So I’m considering a way to earn some extra moolah for writing.  My mom could probably write tons of how to articles for wives & moms and get paid, too – so I am going to recommend she check it out, too.

So, that’s all for now.  Curly’s movie is almost over, and Tater has disappeared into the kitchen, so it’s time for Mom Patrol.  We are getting out of the house today and plan to have a GOOD day!!!

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