Mommy needs a Latte

So I found this blog that’s titled “Mommy needs a cocktail” and it cracked me up.  If ONLY that would work and not cause a whole other realm of issues.  So for me, “Mommy needs a latte” works really well.  It’s cheaper, and doesn’t affect my cognitive skills or abilities to mother – it actually lifts my mood and is about the same price as some prescription mood elevators… lol  It’s actually the PERFECT prescription for me – well the me known as Mrs. Hyde in all her nasty-PMS, tourettes-on-crack, hate-everybody, i-don’t-wanna-be-THE-mommy-anymore mood…

Tater bug, hereafter known as CURIOUS GEORGIE, because everybody who sees her says, “she looks like a little monkey” the way she clings to me and climbs stuff so effortlessly – but I digress.  Georgie has had a rough couple of nights.  We visited my parents to help with “Cartman’s” garage sale/bake sale fundraiser, and Georgie did NOT sleep well.  She had screaming fits both nights, refused to take bottles, cried for daddy (Roy stayed home because of work) and was pretty much unhappy during the night.  Leaving me pretty well fried (Hello, Ms. Hyde – jeez, I wish PMS was just something I could talk about instead of experiencing firsthand. SIGH!) and I am pretty much unable to tolerate anything.

In order to sleep, Georgie was sandwiched in the queensized bed between Curly (who likes to take half the bed anyway) and myself – both of whom tossed & turned because we weren’t home – and a drive in the van while gas is $3/gallon is the only thing that puts her to sleep – and I am pretty well a zombie.  SO – MOMMY NEEDS A LATTE!!!

P.S. – More info will be posted about Cartman’s fundraiser when I have more details…  Oh, and his parents & I had a discussion about how much like Cartman my nephew, Caden, has become.  He’s developed this deep, raspy voice (don’t know if that’s a side effect of the chemo & steroids, or if it’s because he’s just really mad at the world), and he walks around with this kind of “screw you guys. i’m going home” attitude.  Maybe Cartman needs a latte???


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  1. Dawn Says:

    Depending on the time of day…I’m either mommy needs a cocktail or a latte…or a lacktail…whichever works. hahaha Keep your head up, my friend!!!!

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