Falling into Fall!!!

So things have been hectic this week.  Georgie was sick Wednesday – and yesterday I was sick – even Roy wasn’t 100%, so you can imagine the piles of dishes waiting to be washed today…  Some kind of stomach bug – YUK!  But today, for the most part, everyone seems to feel better so we are just taking things one at a time today.

As much as I love the changing seasons, they absolutely wreak HAVOC on both mine & Roys’ allergies/sinus, and I’m pretty sure both girls have the same problem.  But that didn’t keep us from playing several times in the piles of leaves in the yard.  We have a very large oak tree in our back yard (it’s the one that we PRAY will fall onto our house when we’re all gone sometime – but THAT Money Pit story is too long to post here…) so we have an overabundance of leaves.  Curly is always very excited to see the leaves, and Georgie has no problem jumping right in, either.

Roy’s Mom & I are planning to do some work in the house tomorrow, so Roy is taking Curly and “The Cuzzins” to the zoo for a few hours!  I’m very excited to tackle some things with most of the kids out of the house.  Georgie will stay with us and probably get a nap!  I’ve got a LOT of projects around the house that I’m trying to tackle.  Not just tackling the pile of books – but WHY the pile of books ends up there in the first place.  This is a STRUGGLE for a Messie like me, but I am getting there.  I’m no white-glove cleaner, but being at home – trying to work from home – has given me a lot more motivation to get our clutter and chaos under control!

Being that it’s Fall – I’m also getting motivated to cook a bit more – and I LOVE making soups & stews – with biscuits & muffins in the fall.  Slow-cooker and simple ingredients fit our lifestyle pretty well.  I’d LOVE to get everyone’s recipes for their favorite soup or stew – just add your comments below!  I’ll post my Loaded Baked Potato Soup recipe later…

While I dread the cold of winter, I love the colors – the cooler mornings – even the frostiness of Fall!  I don’t mind playing outside in the cooler weather, knowing I can warm up with hot cocoa, cider or coffee…  How fun to get the rosy cheeks & noses, and to pile back into the house to cuddle under a warm blanket with something hot to drink…  My favorite shows are on:  “The Wizard of Oz,” “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and before long, it’ll be “A Christmas Story” and “Elf.”  It’s the best time to cozy up with a good book and take a long soak in the tub – one of my favorite past times!

Don’t forget to post your favorite soup/stew recipe below!

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