What I Will Teach My Children

I’ve been reading more & more politically geared blogs lately – and as the campaign draws to an end and voting is upon us, I’m wondering how I would explain this election to my girls if they were older. I’ve heard before that people should vote on the “issues” and leave religion out of their decision. Well, I agree with leaving religion out of it, but that’s because I don’t deem myself as “religious.”

I attend church – more regularly lately – I pray often – and I don’t believe that everyone believes in the same God. Buddha is not God. Muhammed is not God. All roads do NOT lead to the same God.  There is only one Holy Almighty God – the I AM – the Alpha & Omega – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and it is in Him that my faith rests. The Creator of the universe, the Alpha & Omega, My Shepherd, My Rock, My Father.

I believe in the sanctity of life and marriage.  I believe that consequences are a natural result of our free-will and to remove consequences and responsibility leads to degeneration.  I believe upholding the Faith based foundations of my country, and will encourage & support others to do the same.  I believe that removing God from our national heritage absolutely removes His hand of protection and guidance.

I am a Woman. I am a Wife. I am a Mom. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, enemy, etc. Those are just roles I play – hats I wear. Being a Christian however, goes much deeper, and is something that cannot change.  Even if I don’t want to act it, I am a Christian.

I could have a sex-change operation. I could divorce my husband and abandon my children and remove myself completely from their lives. But no matter what I do, I cannot disentangle myself from my relationship to God Almighty. I am His Child and always will be – whether I listen to His Voice or not. Whether I obey or do my own thing. He will never leave me and He will never abandon me – even when I go running in the opposite direction.

So when it comes time to vote, I vote with my heart, soul, spirit, and conscience. I pray for guidance and wisdom in selecting the most appropriate – albeit imperfect – candidate. My Faith rules my life (whether or not I am yielded fully to it or not) and my Faith will absolutely rule my vote.

This is something I want to pass along to my children.  Not forcing my faith on them.  But sharing my faith with them AND the application of faith in their lives.

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