Agnus Dei

Music has always been one of those things that just “gets” to me.  Even when I was really little I can remember crying over the song “Sundown” or “Wildfire” – the music itself got to me before I could really understand the message.  The music worship at church is usually no different.

When I lived in Springfield, MO, and attended Second Baptist Church, I was OFTEN moved to tears by the worship.  I think there is one time I can remember that I left thinking, wow, the music didn’t even hit me today, and it surprised me.

But yesterday, we sang “Agnus Dei” which literally means “Lamb of God.”  I am most familiar with Michael W. Smith’s version, and that’s the one we sang.  We barely got started and I found myself bawling.  I couldn’t even sing.  Chin quivering, eyes running – the works. It’s one of those songs that you can actually WORSHIP God – It is one of the most worshipful songs I know and it absolutely put me in the throne room of God – where the angels worship Him daily –  bowing and praising the Lord God Almighty, the Lamb of God.

Nothing else matters.  Nothing.  No worries, No ills, No struggles, No storms.  None of it matters because THIS is what our life is about.  What our life should be about.  The Lamb of God.  And in the few moments of singing this song, I felt like my life swung into balance.  There was peace and praise – and I could breathe with all of my being and just BE in the presence of God.

So on the days when I am overwhelmed by all that goes with “MOMMY” – I am going to do my best to refocus and center in on The Lamb of God.

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