Before Caffeine

HOW in the world did mothers survive before caffeine???

My uber-genius Curly taught her apprentice-genius sister, Georgie, how to get a “leakproof” cup to leak – and now Georgie is an improv artist with her juice.  EVERYWHERE.

Since Georgie is pottytraining, the Dora potty chair is once again ensconced in the living room.  Only Curly feels the need to use it regularly – without telling me – and I often only discover it when Georgie decides to try a new “medium” for her art…  ICKY!!!

But then, there’s the fun mommy moment: when Curly decides to dress herself for the day. Wearing her 2 layered glittery pink “Angel” shirt, she finds her layered pink skirt, pink slippers, and a mini-silver handbag. Perfectly coordinated. Following her into the hall where she reviews herself in the mirror by doing a spin with a little heel kick… sigh. I can only imagine how she’ll be when she’s 13. Let’s get real – when she’s 8!!!

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