Music to My Ears

I was putting Curly to bed last night. She’s learning to pray out loud herself – it helps that they pray for snacks at Mommy’s Day Out – although she’s generally let Roy or I pray for her at night.

Last night, though, she grabbed my hand and SHE said:
Thank you for my Mommy & Daddy. Thank you for Kaity. Thank you for Mrs Lilly. Thank you for Mrs R. (her teachers). Thanks for the kids (I’m assuming she meant her classmates). Thank you for da play. (again – I’m guessing she meant playing, but God knows for sure…)

Such a simple, sweet prayer from a little bitty heart…

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  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    OH HOW PRECIOUS! That’s what life is all about….nothing warms a mommy’s, or nana’s, heart more than to hear the sweet prayer for a little child’s heart. I can’t wait to hear her for myself!!!

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