A Legacy

Yesterday, our “local” news announced that one of our favorite anchors, who has been battling breast cancer for several years, lost her battle and passed away.  Her name was Heather Pick.  We never met her.  We only saw her on the news – but she was always smiling, laughing, and had a sparkle in her eyes.  Several weeks ago they said she was going to take some time off to spend with her family – we’d noticed her face was puffy again and her eyebrows seemed to be disappearing – and we wondered if she was losing her fight or just taking a break.

She was a wife & mom.  She had 2 young kids, ages 7 and 4.  She was only 38.  She was a major face and voice in the fight against breast cancer in central Ohio.  She even put a fundraiser CD together.  You can listen to samples of the songs and purchase it to help support breast cancer research.

As her colleagues were remembering her this morning – they just kept talking about how positive she was, how she faced every challenge with a smile, how her attitude always picked everyone around her up even when she was in the middle of her battle to live.  They never mentioned faith or whether she was a believer.  And yet she faced every day with courage, dignity, love, and laughter.

Wow. And I whine about dirty dishes.

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