Being All I Can Be (no, I’m not joining the Army)

I’ve been doing some more searching, networking, etc., for Christian women’s sites on the web.  Wives, Moms, Parenting, Cooking, Organizing –  you name it!  I started from some of my fave sites and visited their “friends” links.

Christian Stay At Home Moms is a really great site for Christian moms who stay at home with their kids.  It’s good for any mom, but is designed for Christian moms.  With a “Learning Center” for info about home budgeting, organization, etc., links to other Christian mom blogs, an email newsletter – it’s a really fun site to visit.

CWO, or Christian Women Online, has a TON of articles, links, and info about working from home – authored by well known names such as Candice Cameron, Lisa Whelchel, and others.  I’ve found a great wealth of resources from this site, including the Scripture box tags on the sidebars of this blog. =)  I haven’t even been able to explore all the nooks & crannies of this site, but it’s one to check out.

Moms of Faith is another site – with message boards, forums, articles, links, resources.  Their mission is “Helping Christian Moms Become All that God Created them to Be.   It’s similar to facebook or myspace (which I’m removing myself from simply because I never use them anymore) and it’s a great Christian environment.  if you want more info about that site – I can send you an invite link.  Just contact me for more info…

I’ve also been finding more info about being a godly woman in general – godly wife, godly mom – knowing the Lord more, drawing closer to Him.  Having been immersed in much of the world’s illusion of what a WOMAN should be, I’m finding that the Scriptural definition of a woman challenges me to the core.  Being a godly wife demands that I let go of my pride (oh, you have NO idea what a battle this is) and a lot of other things I thought a REAL woman should do – and am learning what a GODLY woman should be…  Funny how the challenges in life make you take stock and re-evaluate things – and this is where God is leading me.

So to challenge feminism in the face, as well as my own perceived assumptions about my role as a wife & mom – visit these sites (disclaimer:  I do NOT agree, and may never agree, with every opinion or article posted on each of these sites.  However, I am finding nuggets of God’s truth from them. While you probably won’t see me wearing ankle length skirts every day, I am praying that I will be able to adopt an attitude of graciousness, kindness, meekness (whew!), and love.)

A Woman that Fears the Lord

Titus 2 Woman

Lara’s Place – I really like this gal and enjoy her newsletters.

Titus 2 Christian Housekeeping I just found this yesterday, so I’m still exploring, but LOVE the look and feel of this site, and really enjoy message boards!

You Can Make This! – now this site is for anybody who wants to make just about anything!  There are freebies to download, and others for purchase – and I LOVE the instant availability in the downloads.  There are beginner downloads (sewing, crochet, and other crafts), patterns – check this site out as soon as you can!!!

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