Word-y Wednesday

I couldn’t just post this picture without an explanation.  I took it knowing at the time, even though I was upset, I would laugh about it later.  Whew!!!

Basically, I can’t leave the room that my two girls are in. That makes it difficult to do dishes, laundry, or even take care of business in the bathroom…  Yesterday, after not being in the living room for just a couple of minutes, and then hearing my 3-engine mommy siren going off in my head when I realized how quiet it was – Oh. My. Word.  Big sister got the makeup bag out of my purse and decided to share with her baby sister.  And yes, it all came off without any serious injury (thank God for mineral based makeup!!!)img_00511


6 Responses to “Word-y Wednesday”

  1. Andrea Says:


    Whew – good thing it was just makeup! I’m thinking of all sorts of possibilities, like the vaseline and cornstarch combo my friend found when her little one was supposedly napping.

    Seriously, silence is the biggest indicator that all is not as it should be!

  2. mary beth Says:

    You were the link above mine over at SITS so I thought I would come over and say hi. I love the picture above. How cute. I have all boys so makeup isn’t the problem…but just about everything else is!

  3. lifesorganizedchaos Says:

    OMG poor babies!! I remember the first time I went into my Mom’s makeup bag and put on mascara and poked my eye with it. Ouch!

  4. Christin Says:

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  5. Dawn Says:

    That is hilarious! My daughter has never done that…although I let her put “makeup” on with me sometimes one weekends (just powder, but it works!!!). My son, however, got vaseline out once and spread it over himself (hair and all) and his room. It was lovely! I also recall when Beth’s daughter was little (she’s 16 now, ACK!!) I walked into her room and there was poo all over her, the walls, her crib, you name it. GREAT birth control at the time!!! 🙂

  6. livelaughlove4ever Says:

    LOL! My oldest got a hold of PERMANENT marker! It was all over his face. Now at 13 I can look back and laugh!

    PS – I took a picture as well – great minds think alike LOL!

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