Happy Birthday, Mr. President

The year Roy & I got married, I was flying to see him on December 4th, which is his birthday.  I was at the KC Airport and called him on my cell phone and sang “Happy Birthday” to him that soft, breathless way Marilyn Monroe might have.  He laughed.  A lot.  But he seemed to appreciate it.

I did a very short repeat performance today as we were driving around together – and he laughed.  I like to be able to make him laugh…

So we all had breakfast together (Curly got dressed up in her church dress, tights, and black shoes.  She is DEFINITELY a “Fancy Nancy.”)  We bought his birthday gifts and came home where his mom brought his birthday Banana pudding. Mmmmmm – it is some YUMMO stuff!  I love it that he gets homemade – cooked – banana pudding for his birthday!  And he has learned to share it with the rest of us. LOL

So my blog today is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROY!!!  I am so glad you were born!  I am so glad you are my husband and that you make my life better.  Because of you I am learning to trust God more, to trust you more, to stop taking EV-ER-Y-THING so seriously, and to enjoy life!

If I could decorate cakes, this is what I’d do for you:

Happy Birthday Roy!

Happy Birthday Roy!

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