CPR. It’s for everyone.

Earlier this week, Curly was given some antibiotics – she got strep throat.  She handled it all pretty well and is getting down her pretty gross medicine and recovering nicely.  Georgie’s test came back negative (Thank you, Lord), and we decided to have our annual cookie baking day with cousins yesterday.

It was fun – the kids were wound and loaded with sugar after about 5 minutes – but we got the cookies decorated – pictures are forthcoming.  We spent most of the day at Queen Mamaw’s and had a really nice time!  It snowed most of the day – and it was bitterly cold – so it was nice to park the van in our garage and empty everything right into the house.  Curly, however, ran outside and played in the snow for a minute – carried her hands full of snow to the door – where she reluctantly dropped it onto the garage floor rather than bringing it into the house (cuz the Queen Mommy is a killjoy)…

We decided to order pizza and were waiting for it to come.  Curly had her nightgown on, and I was just thinking of getting Georgie changed when she started coughing.  Then she vomited on the carpet.  I was on the floor about 2 feet away from her, hollered at Curly to run upstairs and “DON’T LOOK” because she’s got the worst gag reflex of anyone I know (except Roy).  I looked at the floor then looked back up at Georgie.

Who wasn’t breathing.  She was just standing there flapping her arms.

NOT breathing.

I hollered at Roy and said, “She’s choking.”  Grabbed her and whacked her on the back a couple of times.


Everything went into slow motion.

So I flipped her around, put my fist right under her rib cage and pumped once.  Then twice, praying out loud – “God, please help me.”


I see Roy’s feet right behind Georgie and holler, “Call Robbie.”  Roy’s brother, Robbie, lives next door and is a deputy sheriff and has been an EMT. It seems like it takes FORever before I hear Roy, who could barely speak, “Come over. Georgie’s choking.”

Still praying I said out loud, “Oh, God, please help us,” I flip Georgie around again, and whack her back hard several times, thinking – am I doing this right?  Am I hitting her too hard?  Did I break her ribs?

And then finally… A catch. Choking. Sputtering. Coughing. Crying. Screaming.

Just then, Robbie burst into our house.  Roy is crying.  I’m just holding Georgie trying to catch my breath with tears in my eyes.

He sees she’s crying.  Roy asks him to check her and Robbie says – “She’s crying, so she’s breathing.”  And he stands there for a minute just to make sure.  I can’t take my hands off her yet. She just clings to me, screaming now – and I really DO worry to myself, “Did I just break a rib???”  But she’s just crying and I don’t care how loudly – she’s breathing.

Roy calls his parents who are here in a FLASH.  Now, Georgie is King Papaw’s girl.  She’s got a big hold on his heart – and despite being in their pajamas when Roy called, despite snow & ice on the roads – I think they were here in about 90 seconds…

So Queen Mamaw stays for awhile, rocking Georgie – who can’t decide if she wants Mommy, Daddy, or Mamaw – while we eat pizza.  While we reassure Curly that’s she’s NOT in trouble, but Georgie keeps throwing up (excuse the graphic description here – but you should know it was mostly phlegm and when she threw up the first time, she breathed in hard, and got choked on her phlegm) and Curly can’t help but watch, and we don’t want it replicated.  So Curly was esconced in her playroom with her pizza and juice, watching a Veggie Tales movie.  Meanwhile, I keep trying to catch my breath.  It took some time for me to feel the adrenaline slowly dissolve away…

Once Georgie drank several ounces of some gatorade-y stuff, she settled and fell asleep. Papaw repeatedly asked if one of us would be sleeping with Georgie cuz he didn’t believe she should sleep alone.  We repeatedly assured him she would not be sleeping alone.

She slept until 3:45 this morning – registered a 103.0 temperature – was given some Tylenol, had more juice, and is now back to sleep.

But Mommy can’t relax just yet.

I remember taking a child CPR class a long time ago.  Once before beginning my babysitting career – and once before having a baby.  Somehow it came back to me and I was able to at least get a start on her before Robbie got here.

Do YOU know infant/child CPR?  Do you know what to do in case a child is choking or stops breathing?  If you’ve never taken a CPR course – contact your local Red Cross – but in the meantime, check out the following illustrated guides on BabyCenter for a backup…


Toddler and up

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Today is Roy’s & my 5th wedding anniversary.  I fully intended to write a long, romanticized post today – and maybe I will later after having a bit more sleep.  We have no big plans, but I think we’ll be celebrating several things today.  We were married on a Sunday, so today has had some special meaning for me – It was a very cold, but bright, sunny day when we got married.  I can remember parts of that day moving in slow motion – not because it was traumatic – but because it was just so surreal.  I have wondered to myself what was God thinking to put 2 people like Roy & me together.  Some days we’re like oil & water – and some days we’re like two peas in a pod.  But at the end of the day, it’s like what Harry told Sally…

And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it’s not because I’m lonely, and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Thanks for making my life better, Roy!


2 Responses to “CPR. It’s for everyone.”

  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    OHMY!! OHMY!! I’m bawling and it’s because of a number of reasons. SOO thankful that Kaity is OK after that horrible incident – how thankful I am that you have family close by who can come to your aid…especially, when we’re not able to, so thankful you knew CPR, and so blessed to know of your love for your dear husband. Thanks so much for your call Sweetheart, and for letting us know about this so quickly. We’re praying and will await more news about our Kaitybell….Much love to you all. XO

  2. Jennifer Edwards Says:

    Loved this entry! I am so glad to hear your daughter is okay! Oh that must have scared the bejeezers out of all of you!

    I onced lived with a family while I was in graduate School. In return for low rent and board I babysat. The little girl was then 8. One day after school we were both doing our homework and Jenny choaked on her gum.

    I was relieved when I flew into action and preformed the hymlick and swiped her mouth of the offending bubble gum.

    From that day on I wouldn’t let her chew gum. Fortunately I haven’t had any of those experiences with my own children (knock on wood).

    Great job mom for thinking fast and reacting to your gut!

    Best wishes,

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