Holiday Recipes from Queen Martha

So Queen Martha & I have been emailing furiously about which recipes we should include in this list.  Since she is a fantastic cook and likes to experiment with recipes, we probably tried hundreds of recipes throughout our Christmas holidays while I was growing up.  Some of them were tried & true and we made them every year.  Others are more recent, but are such big hits with Martha’s grandkids, that we have to include them!

We selected several, so I created a separate Holiday Recipes page so you can take your time and look at them at your convenience.

We included some favorite cookies (Monster Cookies were my all time favorite because they have M&Ms, but I loved the Christmas Gumdrop Cookies too.  They were like really yummy fruitcakes – without the funky fruitcake taste.)

We also included a soup recipe (which is so nummy and easy) and the side dish that Martha had published in a cookbook!

Some of the recipes were chosen for convenience – some of them are just simply family favorites because they taste SO good!  I hope you’ll be able to try one or two of them – if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

More tips from Queen Martha next week!

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  1. sdrake6307 Says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog “What Mommy Thinks” I really enjoyed reading your advice!!! By the way, I love your blog, it’s great!!!!

  2. Jennifer Edwards Says:

    Love the recipe info. I’ll try some this year. Gee, as Ilook around I still haven’t gotten my decorations up. I keep thinking if I dream about them eventually one morning they will be there and my house will be spotless!

    I better keep dreaming!


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