With all the sickies at our house, Roy & I were glad to have a few hours Saturday night to watch a hometown basketball game. Roy wouldn’t admit it, but he was quite the Basketball star in his time (seriously!), and watching the hometown game brought back a lot of memories. It was nice to get out for a few hours – away – together – and we appreciated SO MUCH Queen Mamaw watching the girls for us. Of COURSE they were just fine while we were gone – doing flips and having fun…

When I was sick a couple of days last week, I seriously lost all my will to BLOG. It hurt my head to look at the computer, for one thing, and I couldn’t think for 5 minutes, let alone provide a rich and useful blogging experience… It was a scary time, and I’m slowly recovering…

We are just praying the the sickies have moved on (with the help of some disinfectant, constant vacuuming and wiping down, and washing all clothes, sheets, and towels as we could manage). Not that we wish them on anyone else… NO thank you.

However, a good night’s rest will never be taken for granted. Sleep deprivation is my mortal enemy, and my current foe at large…

Tomorrow, we will continue our interview with Queen Martha – hope you’ve been able to try and enjoy the recipes posted here – and hopefully I’ll get to enjoy them this week, too!!!


3 Responses to “It’s DEFINITELY Monday!”

  1. Jennifer Edwards Says:

    Great to he you and hubby had some time alone! Jeff and I try to do it every week. We find it is critical. We really try to keep connected.

  2. sdrake6307 Says:

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog!!!

  3. christinnjon Says:

    I am glad to hear you are doing better. 🙂 I pray the week finds you mending to complete recovery.

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