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Two totally different things – neither have anything to do with each other – and if I wanted to be “poetic” I’d wait to post this tomorrow so I could continue with the “F” theme.  But life being what it is, I am not gonna wait!


If you are not familiar with Facebook (except for the stories about people being in online social networking sites and getting taken advantage of), I would recommend checking it out.

I’ve been a member of Facebook for about 4 years – and was on Myspace for a few years, too.  For awhile, I was really crazy about Myspace and playing with my page and blah-blah-blah.  Had lots of friends and connections there – and then Facebook started picking up.  Even moreso in the past couple of months.  Myspace fell into the shadows, and I am actually cancelling my account because I never visit there anymore.

For the most part, I’m keeping up with Facebook.  I’ve reconnected with people I knew as a child.  And by child – I mean – 2nd grade!!!  I just got connected with my very best friend from 2nd grade in Alaska – I’ll call her “Anne” (mostly cuz she has red hair and reminds me a LOT of Anne of Green Gables).  She doesn’t know I’m blogging, so I don’t want to reveal her name without permission.  You get the idea.

ANYWAY – so she sends me a message asking if it is, indeed, ME – the one she is looking for – and I confirm – and get this really awesome message about her life and what she’s been doing.  FACEBOOK RULES!

Anne was one of my very first BEST friends – so being the nostalgic, sentimental creature I am – I am really awed and touched that she looked for me and that she found me – and that now we have this connection.

This is only one connection like that – there are so many others.  And what I like about Facebook vs. Myspace is that I don’t have to get all distracted by decorating my page – AND it’s setup so that you can be in a “network” of people.  Say, for example, a specific school or a city you lived in.  And you can connect to people in that same network and find long lost friends.  You have the ability to block people – and you can keep plenty of information confidential.

So, if you are a sentimental being at all – check out Facebook and see who YOU can connect with.


On the same note of sentimentality – I am a Scrapbooker.  I should say, I WAS a Scrapbooker – I have not scrapbooked since Curly was about 5 weeks old.  We don’t have the usable space for me to leave things laying about – and to be honest, I don’t have the time I used to have for scrapbooking.

I’m not only a Scrapper – I’m a BINGE scrapper.  I get into “the zone” and can scrap for days on end.  As a matter of fact – I put together a whole entire scrapbook for my mom – in less than 3 days.  Nobody believed me – but it’s true.

I have supplies – I have tools – I have papers – I have stickers.  Of  course I have TONS of pictures.  They are all collecting dust on various shelves in my basement.  I’ve got a couple of completed scrapbooks, as well as several incomplete scrapbooks.

It’s one of my ALL-TIME favorite hobbies – mostly because it does not have to follow a pattern, and whatever I design is entirely my own.  I like that.  There’s no limitation that I’m aware of to scrapbooking.  Other than time, space, and I guess, money.

Being involved in several women / mom networks online, I saw a term and started asking questions.


What is that? Well – essentially it is scrapbooking, but with a twist based on your personal Faith.  Hmmmm – sounds intriguing.

So what do you scrap about?

Well, the one gal I’m talking with is scrapbooking some names of God.  She is associated with an online site – Faith Sisters – and they have several suggested topics to scrapbook.  However you want.    Some just go with a name of God.  Some choose a specific Scripture.  Some scrap about a specific topic. They have a gallery of designs available here so you can get an idea of what different people do.

The sky is the limit, essentially, and the whole idea behind this is to LEAVE A LEGACY OF FAITH.

Wow – that really speaks to me.  It’s not just about remembering a great family vacation – although I want to scrap those things to – this goes deeper.  It’s not just a journal – it’s not just a photo album – it’s an expression of YOUR individual faith.

In talking with other women about their businesses, I’ve also come across a couple of different companies who have this kind of idea in mind, as well.  I have never used any of these products, however, they have the kind of products that you can easily get started with Faithbooking:

Creative Memories – now I haven’t spoken with anyone specifically about CM.  However, I have always preferred their actual products, and when I googled they were the very first company to come up using the term “Faithbooking.”  You can find a local consultant from their main website.

Once Upon a Family.  I have emailed this consultant, Jen Smith, and she was very helpful with my questions.  Whether you want to work with her or find a local consultant, Jen’s website can get you started.

Heritage Makers.  This is a new site I just discovered last week after visiting an online party with which I am networked.  Ruth, the HM consultant, is very sweet and I asked her tons of questions and she was very patient and gave me lots to look at.  I would honestly recommend you work with her unless you prefer to have someone local, and again you can find that on her website.  Note: You can sign up for a free account online or you have the option of joining online as a customer with a membership fee – but you can upload pictures and keep digital projects stored online without having to purchase your own photo editing software.

Cherish Bound.  I found Tara Brown through one of my other business-moms networks.  I am brand new to this website, but they have some beautiful products, and really promote the journaling aspect of scrapping – which totally appeals to me.  She also has a blog where you can get more info about CB there.

Can you believe there are THIS MANY companies who focus on this kind of thing???  It’s so awesome.  And I know I haven’t even touched them all.  But if you want to get started on a project that goes beyond pictures and vacations – consider Faithbooking.

4 Responses to “Facebook & Faithbooking”

  1. ggw_bach Says:

    Facebook is a great way to collect groups. Faith based groups could flourish in such an environment. And next on the social networking list is the tool called twitter. Lots of interesting things happening there.

    nice blog.

  2. jessica white Says:

    Wow, very handy information!

  3. Hope Says:

    I just started using facebook too! I found a few of my moms (I am a small group leader with our local MOPS group) were keeping up with each other on it and decided I should join in. And thanks for this list of companies that focus on faithbooking! I knew a few of them but will visit the few that I have not yet learned about. I am hopefully 🙂 going to scrap a few pages tomorrow evening….

  4. TMI Tara Says:

    I am SO with you in my love of facebook and scrapbooking – with purposes of leaving a legacy. I also have done memoirs of grandparents and my husband’s grandparents. I record their story, then type it up. Scan and add some pix. Voila, family treasure. Oh, I love it. We have so much to learn from each other, but how can we if we don’t keep track of it all!

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