Beauty By Design

I am so excited about this.  As part of the Moms New Years Bonanza ’09, the free gifts for today come from Alyssa at Beauty By Design online.  (You can still sign up for the Mom’s New Year Bonanza here.)

Alyssa is a Christian speaker / author who focuses on Self-Esteem, True Beauty and Mother-Daughter connections (yay!)  She has written several e-books, too, and although I got a couple of them free today, I’m definitely considering buying the other ones, too!

You can sign up for FREE for the 7 Day “How to Journal” eCourse and then rediscover yourself through journaling with this, a 30 day personal guide to help you make  journaling a habit.

Do you struggle with teaching your daughter to say “no”. Get help with this guide.

On a Side Note – Curly has a SNOW day today.  More snow – windy drifting on the roads – so we’re at home.  I’ll post pics tomorrow of Curly celebrating her snow day today.   We’ve already found Georgie up to her elbows in the peanut butter jar, which Curly assures me she did ALL by herself…  Maybe we’ll make some snow ice cream today…  I’ll have to do something – I’m desperate – Roy took the only Diet Pepsi to work with him today.  I’ve already had 3 cups of coffee and am NOT feeling the buzz yet…  Not good.


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  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    You simply amaze me Daughter Dear! Where in the world do you find all these things???? WOW! This sounds great – I can’t wait to check it out….

  2. Diane Says:

    Your site is awesome. I just signed up for your newsletter.

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