Crafts are Calling…

When I was growing up, my mom – Queen Martha – was kind enough to expose me to arts & crafts.  I can remember using finger paints I’d gotten for Christmas (and my mom was brave enough to let me), putting together a mosaic trivet, and making a hand-loomed hot pad – I think all of this happened while I was in the 1st or 2nd grade.

School exposed me to more arts & crafts – 2 of my favorite being a really cool ice candle (from a milk carton) and a little ceramic vase my mom still has out on a bookcase.

As I got older, handmade things were popular.  I learned macrame, loomed more doilies & hot pads, created fabric photo frames & albums, as well as cross-stitching, embroidery, candlewicking and more.  Even though Queen Martha did NOT enjoy sewing, she even gave me a few sewing lessons and I made a couple of dresses.

I always felt proud of my work.  Not because it was the best, but because it was something I accomplished – something I created – and something that I usually got to give away as a gift.  There’s something special about giving a gift that you made – it’s like giving a little piece of yourself to someone you love.

During college, I started fiddling around with crocheting – but never got too serious about any projects. I cross-stitched gifts at Christmas one year for my family.  And then I got into Stamping & Scrapbooking.

And by “got into” – I mean filled my closet with stamps & supplies like it was some kind of stamp store.  I could never do anything just half way…  And for many years I created cards & albums because I had the time & space to do so.

Getting married & having babies shifted my priorities, and although I still have plenty of supplies, I have not had the desire to fend off 2 very curious girls while attempting to indulge my addiction hobbies.  It was a conscious choice – and not one that I regret.

Now I am craving a new outlet for my creativity.  Somewhat limited by space, and very limited by time, I find that I want to do something with my hands – something creative.  Something pretty.  Something I can give to someone.  I’m definitely ready to get back to Scrapbooking and start Faithbooking – but I’d like to relearn Crochet, too.  That’s something I can do during roadtrips, while girls are watching movies, and doesn’t require much space or even equipment.

AND when we’re snowed in, it’s something that can keep my hands and brain busy…

We got a flyer in the mail last week about a Crocheting Basics class at a local Adult Education center, and Roy encouraged me to consider it.  But considering the cost, the drive time, and the class time away (2 nights a week), I looked for an alternative.

I found a crochet pattern on You Can Make This! that I would like to try.  It’s called the Million  Dollar Cowl (a sort of scarf / headcovering) that sells for $5.00 and includes instructions with internet links.   YCMT has several crochet patterns marked “beginner” that will be fun to try down the road.  From a cupcake pillow to stuffed animals, to pretty hats & funky scarves, to bags & purses – I think I’m going to have fun trying my hand at a new hobby.

I’ll keep you posted!


2 Responses to “Crafts are Calling…”

  1. Hope Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the results of your new hobby! It sounds fun. I tried knitting a few years back. I loved the colors of the yarns but just couldn’t keep up with the counting…oh well. Here’s to creativity!!

  2. Marsha Baker Says:

    AHHH – you inspire me Darling Daughter! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to crochet – and will have to check this out and maybe we can learn together…though separated by many miles! I think there’s nothing better than receiving a gift from someone who has given of their time, and themselves, to share. Thanks for being an inspiration – once again! I do hope you find some time to be your creative self!! XO

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