Revive our Hearts,I Corinthians 7:5 Challenge Wk 2, & more!

I didn’t want to separate posts today – so this is a conglomerate of posts… I continue to find some really amazing websites and blogs that just inspire me and give me serious food for thought.

One of the newest blogs that has become a daily favorite is Passionate Homemaking.  This girl has got it together!  From natural resources and tips for green living – to biblical womanhood and homemaking advice – I’ve been VERY inspired to spend time at Lindsay’s blog.

Another Christian website is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh Demoss.  Nancy has authored numerous books geared towards women ranging from true womanhood to forgiveness.  Our church is currently using the book she coauthored, Seeking Him, in a series of lessons as a followup to the Life Action Thirst Conference held a few months ago.  I’ve just subscribed to her True Woman Makeover – 30 day Challenge (which I discovered at Passionate Homemaking) and am praying that God keeps hammering away and getting me into shape (on every level!)

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On a more personal note, this is Week 2 of the I Corinthians 7:5 challenge,  Mama needs a new pair of panties.  We are participating in a challenge that encourages husbands & wives to get out of their routine and bring back some romance, and well, sex.  I’ll be honest – this is an area I have let “slide.”  Babies, stretch marks, weight gain – I haven’t felt pretty and I would say that some weight gain and my personal wardrobe absolutely reflects that.  I have a few things I wear on occasion, but know that I can make ANY day an “occasion” if I have the right wardrobe…

And then I remembered how I felt when I was given matching bra & panties at a pre-wedding shower.  It wasn’t so much that I felt SEXY, as I felt PRETTY – and THAT changed the way I carried myself.  A lacy, colored matching bra & panty set really had an affect on MY attitude.  Roy has always liked it when I match my fingernail & toenail polish, so you can imagine how he feels about matching bra & panties…

So, this is a mission I am going to undertake.  After doing some straightening in our bedroom and getting rid of some clutter (in stages) from Week 1’s challenge, I do feel like our bedroom is being transformed.  We still have the TV & a large picture of our girls (for now), but we are making some renovations & changes to our house this spring and will be moving things around more at that time.  We’re even going to be updating our comforter as it is even showing some wear, so the Boudoir will be transformed in stages…

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If you are a homeschool mom, or you just want some help with organization, journaling, etc., visit Notebooking for tons of resources!  This particular website is geared to homeschooling, but does not have to be limited to that.  We get papers home every week of Curly’s work and right now they are collecting in a large basket.  There are some things we will want to keep for memory, and others we will be able to let go – but how to keep them and store them is a big question for me.  Notebooking has some great ideas & tips of how to showcase Curly’s “school” work in a way that she will be able to continue with throughout her schooling and can enjoy for a long time.

Cindy Rushton’s website, Getting Back to God’s Design for a Godly Home, is brand new to me today – but I have already found 3 things I’m going to be spending some time reading.  She has freebies, a weekly podcast, and tons of info & resources on multiple websites.  I’ve already read her article, Stop!, and can’t wait to read more.  After I get some rest!

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  1. thediaperdiaries Says:

    Thanks for the link. Glad you are participating!

  2. tara @ kidz Says:

    Girl, I so ‘get’ you in this post. I’m off to get a new pretty bra/panty set! And thanks for the tips about the other good sites. I’m always looking for uplifting and positive sites to visit!

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