Snowed In! *Updated* say

This is my fifth winter in Ohio – and we are snowed in again.  I’m not complaining.  I’m still adjusting to SNOW in winter.  Growing up in Alaska I couldn’t IMAGINE not having snow during winter.  Even when we lived in Texas for 22 months, it snowed for Thanksgiving! (And it hadn’t snowed for like 17 years before that or something.)  So I actually LOVE snow.  Loved it as a kid playing in it – and love seeing how it changes the landscape, even if it means scraping windows & shoveling sidewalks.  Snow – I love.  Ice – not so much.

So living in Missouri for more than 10 years, I became gradually accustomed to a few weeks of frigid temps and an ice storm in the spring.  That’s kinda how it went.

And moving to Ohio – well, it’s back to the snow, but I’m still catching up.  Love it.  Love watching it fall (and it’s falling like the angels are having a GIANT pillow fight) and loving seeing it cover the ground.  But wow – we’re talking several inches overnight – and more coming down.  Roy attempted to drive in to work and turned around – said he couldn’t see the roads.

So we’re gonna batten down the hatches and have a day together.  MAYBE we’ll get out and make some snow angels – Curly has been talking about it for WEEKS.

If we do, there will be pictures, so stay tuned!

Update: STILL snowing 5 hours later – heavily.  At times to the point it was hard to see across the street.  The girls are down for their nap, and when Curly gets up, we’re gonna go outside to play…  Needless to say, our county is on a Level 2 snow emergency, and businesses & churches are closing down.  Except for my sister in law who was told she would be written up if she didn’t go into work (no write ups on her record.)  Some people just don’t get it, do they???

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  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    Hey Hon – was wondering how things were ‘falling’ in your corner of the world/state. It’s still coming down here too – school was cancelled – and I’m thrilled to be able to stay inside all day and watch the flakes fall, from the inside out.

    Take care – stay safe and warm and have a fun day! Would love to share a cup of hot cocoa with you girls today! XO

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