Friday Favorites

Besides the fact that it’s FRI-DAY, I have found some great things that I can add to my (always lengthy) list of favorites!

Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Castile SoapUpon the recommendation of several “natural living” sites, I decided to try some of this stuff.  It is labeled as an 18-in-1 soap for cleaning and even skin care.  I saw it at several health food stores but bought mine at Kroger for a reasonable price!  First of all – the smell is DIVINE!  Secondly, it cleans well!  I just mopped my kitchen – and now the floor is so clean and the whole house smells nice.  Awesome!  The bottle recommends it for use as a shampoo, body wash, etc.  I should say that I added it to a nearly full bottle of hand soap, just for the scent – and it smells so good.  However, it has been noted to cause burning/stinging because of the Peppermint oil, so I’m using it sparingly and diluted well.  There are many versions of the soap – and Dr Bronners also makes a bar soap – but adding this product to my cleaning repertoire has me singing today!!!

Coconut Oil.  Seriously – I wasn’t sure what to really think about all I’ve been reading about coconut oil online.  The organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil.  I found some at a local health food store and bought it, only to find the same exact container $5 cheaper at the next store. =)  I brought it home and had to taste it.  Not too bad.  Not overly flavored or scented – but just a whiff of coconut. yummo.  I proceeded to fry some french fries in a half & half mix of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil – just to try it – and the fries came out crispy.  Like McDonald’s crispy.  Cool!!!  AND because it is unrefined, it can be used on skin & hair, too.  (Don’t you just LOVE multipurpose products???) I have applied it to my face, hands (which are horribly cracked & peeling just from washing dishes, laundry, baby wipes, etc.), and even on my girls’ hair to help with static.  The texture is interesting 0 it looks kinda like crisco and smells like the best coconuts.  Just a little dab on my hand and it starts melting, so it’s almost like a salve – but NOT greasy.  I have dry facial skin – it has developed a rough texture and uneven tone over the past few years, and winter makes it worse – but using the coconut oil my face is softer, a tad smoother, and doesn’t feel dry & tight by the end of the day – and I’ve been using it for just a few days.  I’m still playing with it in different ways, and will keep you posted here…

My girls. Okay – so I didn’t have to stretch my imagination too far to find this one, did I?  Georgie is just talking up a storm these days – 18 months old, she’s got 6 teeth with 2 more coming in and is talking sentences, often repeating what Curly says (oh. my. word.)  My favorite Georgie saying these days is:  “I do it! I do it!”  And this is said often.  Daily.And Curly – well, she’s a mini-me.  So here I have a little mirror running around reflecting a lot of me.  Not exactly – she’s her own person – but I see a lot of myself in her and God uses that to work in me…  She’s got quite the imagination.  We were preparing to go to a basketball game last night, where her Mommy’s Day Out teacher would be.  She LOVES Mrs. Lilly.  Oh my – and when I told her Mrs. Lilly would be there, Curly was VERY excited.  And then I explained that Mrs. Lilly’s son, Tyler, would be playing in the game.  And Curly proceeded to tell me, “I like Tyler.  He pushed me down the slide. And I ripped my shirt. And he got into trouble.”  Um, no he didn’t.  She’s never met him…  I told Mrs. Lilly and she just cracked up.  (And during the game, whenever Tyler was shooting free throws, Claira would say “Awww, bummer!” when he missed, and throw up her arms and squeal when he made it…)

My husband. With schoolwork right now, I am really stressed out.  I can’t remember anything these days, my most recent monthly cycle was very rough, and I’ve just been disconnected in a lot of ways.  And Roy & I are preparing to attend a post-abortion healing retreat in a couple of weeks.  Roy had nothing to do with my abortion – but he is going to be supportive, and to learn more about how it has affected my life.  This has me a little “wonky” right now.*  Things are coming together and God is helping me gain focus – and Roy has been stepping up to help with the girls and in wanting to spend time with me – just the two of us.  That is a rare treat these days – but really sweet when we can make the time.  Plus, he’s a good reference when I’m trying to talk through my homework…  This is the 4th week of my 8 week term, and then I’ll be done for awhile – but in the meantime – Roy is being supportive & helpful and I appreciate it!

*I have not elaborated on my abortion story – but my adoption story is posted here.  It is not something I can’t talk about – just something that I haven’t elaborated on yet.  However, it is in draft form, and is coming soon…


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  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    What an adventurous woman you are – I do believe you got your mama’s ‘share’ of adventure too! :-} Can’t wait to check out the soap….WOW! You are ALWAYS WOWing me Girl! XO

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