Monday Memes: At the Well and 1 Cor 7:5

I love Monday blogging.  It really sets my “tone” for the week.  At the Well provokes serious thought about my walk with God, and the 1 Corinthians 7:5 challenge provokes thought about my walk with Roy – in that order…

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Ask yourself these questions:

Do you go to church to fulfill an obligation?
Do you get involved to get a reaction from someone; possibly pity, recognition or even money?

Do you volunteer in your child’s classroom to analyze the new teacher or is it to help?

Do you share prayer requests for a chance to gossip or because you truly care and are praying?

Laurie posted these thought provoking questions today, and for me, it all speaks to the real in-the-dark-where-nobdy-but-God-sees heart attitude.

Humility.  And humility is one of those threads God is weaving into my tapestry these days.

I don’t mind being in front of people.  Even as a kid, I was often a lead or had a solo in the church musicals, and rarely got nervous.  I don’t get stage fright too often.  As I got older, though, it was less about just wanting to do my best for the Lord and more about impressing people with my abilities.  So Humility is a NECESSARY thread in my tapestry.

Service is not something I am naturally inclined to do.  Having a Servant’s Heart is a model of Christ that I am working towards.  It is a battleground in my life and speaks loudly of areas of selfishness, self-reliance, and idolatry in my life.  I am not proud of this and God is revealing more & more to me – gently most times, but pointedly when I am unwilling to yield or bend – and teaching me how to serve others IN HIM.

This is a good prayer:

Dear Lord, teach me, (put your name here!), to examine my motives as You do. Today I pray that I will see my wrong motives in your crystal-clear light. Forgive me for all of the times I have acted out of impure motives. I thank You that You have helped me to have right motives in your sight many times. May Your Holy Spirit convict me daily with this test: “Are my motives pleasing to you, God?”

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5 Challenge

This week’s challenge sounds like fun!  I get to combine last week’s & this week’s (timing is everything and last week was not conducive to the challenge), and hopefully our Valentine’s Day package arrives in the next few days to surprise Roy and take things up a notch!

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8 Responses to “Monday Memes: At the Well and 1 Cor 7:5”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Thanks for your honesty. I have to work on humility too. Thanks for joining in today.

  2. Joyfull Says:

    Great post! Isn’t it wonderful how God knows what to weave into our lives? Beautifully stated.

  3. Sunny Says:

    Hello sister Debbie,

    I’m so delighted you joined in on the discussion at the “Well” today! ☺

    What a wonderful place you are in! To hear so clearly as the Holy Spirit leads you and to desire to participate in His work of refining you so that you are daily conformed into the image of our awesome Jesus! ♥

    Bless you dear sister,

  4. Laurie Ann Says:

    Humility….oh, how you have hit the nail on the head! Great post!

  5. Laurie Says:

    Thank you for joining me in todays discussion of having pure motives before God. I loved what you had to say about humility. Having humility is definetly what I seek! Glad to have you be a part of AT THE WELL today! -God bless, Laurie

  6. Rebecca Says:

    What a true, transparent post. Oh, that humility thread. It’s one that is vital to the fabric of each of our lives. Thanks for sharing!

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