Ta-da Tuesday – Some Mom Time

Here I am again letting you know blogging is on the back burner this week.  Everyone is just fine – BUT my household is NOT.  Being sick – even for a few hours – is NOT a good thing for a mom, is it?  When you multiply that by about 7 days – well, the house falls apart.  Between that and my last 2 weeks of school this term – I’ve gotta keep my focus on other things.

I am trying to get back in the saddle of my normal routine, and Georgie is on an “I-need-want-mommy-to-hold-me-all-the-time-or-I’m-screaming-incessantly” kick right now, and typing (or anything else) just doesn’t work…  I think she’s teething more – she’s got almost an entire mouth full of teeth – and many have come in the last couple of weeks.

So, I’m on Mom-hiatus for now.

Feel free to check my other pages if you haven’t been.  I’ve got lots of stuff to share – wife & mom links & resources since we are Keepers At Home, My adoption experience, Abortion – My Personal Story.

Visit the links on the left & right side of my blog to find other mom blogs and Christian sites that may offer some inspiration and motivation.

Shopping is on the right side- Current is offering a great sale (if you love stationery, stickers, labels, scrapbooking, etc – Current is a great store to shop), as well as Teaporia‘s February special, too!!!


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  1. Emma Says:

    Great blog, will read more when I have time! xx

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