Thoughtfull Thursday – Try, Try Again

My friend Kim – one of my best friends from 2nd grade, with whom I’ve reconnected via Facebook (yes!) – & I have been emailing this week. That has been so nice.  Catching up with each other, discovering similar characteristics in our husbands, and differences in preference for tea…

She is a Kindred Spirit – absolutely.  I was Diana to her Anne (she has the naturally red hair and I’m usually the brunette), although I am not sure which of us is more dramatic…

Anyway, she has been sharing some of her recent poetry with me, reminding me of a time when all I could THINK about was writing poetry (and how the Haiku totally messed me up for a minute or two!) My mom kept some of my poems – and I’m sure there are others tucked away in the many boxes of “treasures” I have.

And then I was reading tonight and found one of the VERY first poems I ever learned – I ever memorized.  It was about the time that Kim & I were classmates, and I remembered how profound it was to me at the age of 8 or 9, and wanted to share it with you here:

Try, Try Again

Author Unknown

Here’s a lesson all should heed

Try, try again.

If at first you don’t succeed-

Try, try again.

Let your courage well appear,

If you only persevere,

You will conquer, never fear-

Try, try again.

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