What’s Up Wednesday? Post Partum Depression Legislation

I had other things intended for today’s post, but this is more important, and something I felt I should address.  One of the best things about blogging is the flexibility!!!

Post Partum Legislation, as in the Melanie Stokes MOTHERS ACT, is currently before Congress.  It is not the first time it has come to them for review, but it is a very important piece of legislation which would promote & ensure post partum education, resources, and more for women who suffer from (and often don’t realize they have) Post Partum Depression.

Here is more information about Post Partum Depression. I cannot even stress to you how difficult this can be for a new mom.  This post at Perinatal Pro gives a very vivid description of the thoughts & feelings moms with PPD can experience.

This post (scroll down a bit) will give you an overview of the legislation.  You should can sign a petition in support of this legislation here.  It is a very easy process.  If you support women in any way, shape, or form – here is a way to put your support into action!

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Friday, I will share more about My Home Notebooking System, including what finally got me started, and what keeps me going…

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