What’s Up Wednesday? Lapbooking!

Have you discovered Lapbooking?

Do you know what it is?

I didn’t until a few weeks ago.  I’d never heard the term, but the more I was looking into premade home organization templates & forms to build my Homekeeper Notebook, the more I saw the term.

Being nosy – I checked into it more.  And LOVE what I’ve found.

Lapbooking is essentially an easy way to introduce or implement teaching at home and keep a record of important learning – a portfolio of memories.  Not just for homeschoolers, although that is where I’ve found the bulk of my information, it is a format which allows for teaching any child at home on just about any subject – whether scholarly or spiritual.  Not only is it a way for parents to teach their children on any subject or topic, it is designed to become a keepsake and momento of your child’s learning.

From Math, Science & Nature, to Scripture & Memorization, to Character building & Holidays to much, much more.  It can essentially be built around anything you want your child to know.

I began printing some things at home to use with Curly and we’re enjoying things so far.  I started with simple coloring pages that I liked to get her used to the idea of keeping her papers in a binder and knowing that when the binder comes out, it’s project time.  The more research I did, the better the printables I discovered.

My best find – and the one that got me seriously Lapbooking – was finding 2 groups on the Ning network (which I love) that are geared specifically toward Lapbooking and provide free printables & projects for Lapbooks.  Again – To join Ning is free and by signing up for either or both groups, you essentially join Ning.  You can find just about any kind of network you can imagine, as well as create one of your own if you’d like.  The two Ning networks I recommend for Lapbooking are:  Christian Preschool Printables and   Lapbook Lessons.

These two networks provide free printables & templates – as well as member photos of finished projects and so much more.  I found some terrific projects for Curly – geared to preschoolers – but there are categories and projects for kids of all ages.

It’s mostly free-form – there’s no real “right” or wrong way to Lapbook.  Some homeschoolers use it exclusively – while others use it as a supplement – while other parents like me, just use it as a way to introduce concepts & topics at home.  You can find guides if you aren’t sure or want some direction – or you can pick & choose from a variety of templates – different websites – and put together your own “lesson plan” of sorts.

Currently, Curly & I are starting on a Creation project.  We’re starting off slowly – but building on her letter identification and alphabet skills while teaching her about Creation.  I found this particular lesson set at Ning. I got to pick & choose what I wanted from the large selection of pieces in the Creation section, so I’m free to use it with Curly at our pace and comfort level.  As she grows older, she can add to this or move on to new projects and keep this as a momento of her early learning.  It’s a way we can always enhance her learning, whether or not she’s homeschooled.

This is something that she & I can work on together – gives us some quality time – and it’s fun for me to see how she grasps new information.  It also gives us a PROJECT with goals to reach – and and adds variety to our schedule.  I don’t do this with her every single day.  Some days just don’t allow for it – but I am going to incorporate it at least twice a week as we begin the Creation section.

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  1. christinnjon Says:

    I love lapbooking! We don’t do it as often as I would like, but I ordered a bunch of them for our curriculum for next year so we will spend more time on them next year for sure! It will give me plenty of time to read more about them so I can just “do it” instead of trying to figure out the best way the day we’re supposed to put it together.
    Great post! I hope many see it and benefit from it!

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