Monday Munchies

I am really finding a lot of great recipes from Allrecipes.  I found my Amish Friendship Sourdough Starter there, and several recipes to use it in.

I’ve made this recipe twice in the past four days:  Sourdough Scones.

I am a big fan of scones.  As a matter of fact, the girls & I often have a mid-afternoon snack because Roy works late and we normally don’t eat supper until 7:30 pm.  Enter:  Afternoon Tea!!! (as if I needed an excuse…)

I’ve tried several scones mixes – and like them for their variety of flavors and ease of preparation.  This White Chocolate Raspberry scone mix from Teaporia is really great – not overly sweet, but very flavorful.

The Sourdough Scone recipe was very tasty.  And because it only contained basic ingredients, I personalized it both times for our preferences.  The first time I believe I did not add the right amount of flour as they sorta all baked together, but the flavor was still great:  I mixed in cranberries and some flaxseed meal (for the added fiber & Omega-3s).

Today, I mixed up the recipe, using 1 tsp. cinnamon.  When it was mixed together, I stirred in 1/2 cup (peeled & chopped) apple and 2 Tbsp. milk so it would blend together.  It smelled like apple pie before & during baking.  And the flavor is amazing.  I am partial to apple, which is why I love the Amish Friendship Bread III recipe.

Note:  I don’t roll them out and cut them  – I just drop them like big ol’ biscuits on the pan.  I prefer sweeter scones, but I’m going to try some savory versions soon.  Roy likes more savory ones – maybe some minced onion and shredded cheddar – served alongside scrambled eggs & bacon…

Mmmm – maybe I’ll have to try that tomorrow!

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