A Featured Mom Blogger and a Dad Blogs Giveaway

Mom & Dad blogs just rock!

Have I told you how much I enjoy 5 Minutes for Mom?

The 2 twin sisters who put this site together have a really well-thought out, practical, fun, encouraging website for Moms!

They recently featured an interview with Mary, a mom of 10, who has her own blog (which includes an easy BREAD recipe right there on her main page!), and also blogs at a couple of other places, including adoptionblogs.  !!!  With a large family, and lots of activities, she has enough time to blog EVERY DAY.  I have no excuses…

Oh, and Yay for Adoption blogs!

And, over at Dad Blogs (too cool!), they are hosting The Big Spring Contest where one lucky winner can come away with the most popular Backyard Swingset from Kids Creations (valued at almost $5,000!)  This set is something you’d see at a local park or playground – and having it in our back yard would be a HUGE blessing.

I can tell you that my girls – who like to play on their cousins’ set – would LOVE their own jungle gym in the backyard!  Miss Curly has been known to play on the playground equipment at her “school” and has told us many stories about getting “stuck on the monkey bars.”  Some parents would panic over this – but Curly goes on to tell us that she just calls for “Superman” to come rescue her, and apparently he does!  And Miss Georgie (who is appropriately named after Curious George) has no fear of climbing, swinging, sliding – and liked to mimic her big sister and play hard, too.

I didn’t grow up with a swingset in the backyard.  I’m not complaining.  We kids grew up on military bases most of our lives, so we would find our way to the closest on-base park and play on their equipment.  Being able to have such a big set in our back yard would really be helpful at keeping the girls in the yard, playing, and having fun in the sun, while I work in the vegetable / herb garden.  We are making ways to spend time outside together as a family this spring, and having such a nice set would be amazing!  We will be perfectly happy with the set that Roy’s parents are fixing up for us – but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blog about this amazing giveaway, and get my entry in!

Now, That’s Pretty Something!

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