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I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review a potty training program called Potty Tots.   Georgie, who is now 21 months old, has been trying to “Go Potty” be like her big sister, Curly.  Curly was mostly potty trained by her Mamaw because Mamaw took care of her all day while I was still working.  Potty Training Georgie, I’ll admit, has been a little bit intimidating and I have not pushed potty training, but am getting more serious with her about making it a part of our every day.

Created by two moms, Potty Tots was “founded in October 2007, Potty Tots® offers comprehensive, child-centered potty training products and online resources. The company focuses on the need for a fun, stress-free potty training experience by using a group of ethnically diverse preschool characters who engage children in singing and dancing their way through the six steps of potty training.”

When I received the package, I was instantly charmed by the packaging and cute characters included in the kit!  (I love bells & whistles!) I was able to request a Girls kit, which was personalized for Georgie.


The Potty Tots kit came with a letter addressed to Georgie,  and each kit includes:

• A story/guide book
• Animated DVD -featuring three original Potty Tots songs and 2 bonus music videos
• One 11″X17″ Illustrated potty chart   (easily wipes clean with damp cloth)
• One 11″X17″ “Toilet Bowl” progress/reward game with clings   (easily wipes clean with damp cloth)

She & I watched the DVD together, and she really enjoyed “The Potty Song” and danced to that for awhile.  She was entertained by the characters of the DVD and because the two charts include those characters, the consistency is there for her.  We also read the book together, and I’ve discovered Curly “reading” the book out loud for both of them a couple of times.

I will say right now that our favorite part of this kit – by unanimous decision – is the Illustrated My Potty Chart.  With a picture and matching written instruction, each step in the process of potty-ing is lined out, making it easy to teach, and easy for them to remember each step!  I have taped this to the wall right next to the toilet, and not only does Georgie look at it, but it is reinforcing all of the necessary steps for Curly (who sometimes misses one or two in the process).  FANTASTIC!!!


The “Toilet Bowl” chart is set up like a football field – with “downs” to mark along the way using the character clings.   I decided to just allow Georgie to apply a new character cling each time she successfully goes potty, and as we make more progress we can increase the “game” by using the “down” markers.  Again – because the same characters are used, the whole process of potty training is reinforced, and Georgie is always VERY excited to add a new “sticker” to her chart.

Visiting the website, I was able to read more about the creators of the Potty Tots program, and was reminded of how creative MOMS can be!   The website also offers stories about the “Real” Potty Tots characters, has printable coloring pages, games and the Potty Tots Rock theme song!

Having used this product, I can say it is making a difference for BOTH of my girls, and Georgie is telling me more often when she needs to go.  She is motivated by using the “stickers” and enjoys reading the book regularly.  I highly recommend this program to any mom who is new to potty training or not having success with any other method!


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9 Responses to “Potty Tots Product Review & Giveaway!”

  1. CA Says:

    We’ve just started potty training with my youngest (and last thank goodness – not a fan of the whole potty training process). We seem to be stuck. We like the whole ‘going to the bathroom’ like her siblings, but nothing really happens. Trying to remain patient about the whole thing though.

  2. Rory Says:

    Hola, I have a 27 months boy and we started potty training long time ago with the result of just going with #1. My son looove his little toilet, he cleans himself and always says when he wants to go, but for some reason he doesn’t say anything with #2, just when is already in his diaper and need to be change. My husband and me are taking this slowly, no pressure, my son still using diapers and pull ups. My big fear is leave him without diapers during the day and when he is sleeping.

  3. kim v Says:

    I think it sounds like a great package for training. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Whammy Says:

    My granddaughter has graduated from stuffing foreign objects up her nose, to potty training. Gods got a good sense of humor!

  5. Kathy D Says:


  6. prplrush Says:

    I think that this potty program is an extremely great idea! When my friend had to potty train her first little boy, we finally decided on a little wall mount with stickers in the bathroom to keep him motivated about using the potty. Any kind of help in that department in my mind, deserves an reward lol

  7. Ellie W Says:

    My grandson is 15 months old and I keep him 12 hours every day. So I have the feeling the majority of the potty training will be done by me. It’s been so long since I went through this with my own three sons, that I’ve forgotten every trick in the book. This would be an awesome win for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Chrysa Says:

    This looks like a fun way to approach potty training.

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