Little Girls Should Have Big Imaginations


I am thrilled to welcome, Alyssa Avant, of Beauty by Design Ministries to The Cafe today, and excited to share this article, from her, with you.

Little girls love to play dress up, dream of being grown up and create tea parties for their teddy bears, or are these activities lost in the new age hustle and bustle and avalanche of technology? Are they being replaced by Wii games, dancing to Ipod music and created dream houses on computer games or hand held Nintendo DS systems?

As good as technology is and as many things as it has allowed us as a society to do, there is a time for it, and then there is a time for letting little girls, be well little girls and there are things that they can learn from good old fashioned activities, such as dress up and tea parties.

As a child the activities I loved the most were the ones that allowed me to use my imagination,  from imaginary friends to teaching a room full of imaginary students in my imaginary classroom known as my bedroom I enjoyed every minute of those times where I used my imagination for play.  Unfortunately, as our children are growing up in an age of technological advances much of this type play is slowly diminishing.

There is something you can do about this.  Limiting your daughter’s time that she uses “technology” to play is important to help her continue to use and grow her imagination.  Plus, she will learn to enjoy those activities that don’t involve technology even more.

As mom and daughter you can enjoy these activities together.  Invite a few friends and their daughters over for a “mother daughter tea party”, play dress up with your daughter allowing her to try on your clothes and fix her up in your makeup,  allow her to enjoy the experience and use it to bond with her.

It is through these special activities that you can get to know your daughter better, that you can see the twinkle in her eyes and you can influence her heart.  It is never too early to begin, as you want her to see you as someone she can have fun with, so that later on in life she will look to you for someone that she can truly learn from and share with every activity she enjoys and every dream that lies within her heart.

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Alyssa Avant is a Christian writer, speaker and blogger.  She created Christian Charm School Workbooks to help moms, youth leaders and lay women in churches to teach girls the graces and charms of times gone by.  She is the founder of Beauty by Design Ministries a ministry to girls and their moms whose mission is, “turning the hearts of girls towards God.”


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  1. Marsha Baker Says:

    BRAVO! I love these ideas & thoughts! Thanks for all you do to share and reinforce these ideas for those of us who spend time with you here….XO

  2. Kelly Lininger Says:

    You and I must be sisters….this is the exact thing I said about a week ago.. Our kids today live in a virtual world and have no idea what they can do with a room of invisible students.. I played classroom too….many many times..
    Loved visiting your blog and look forward to visiting again.

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